Valentine’s Day Mixtape:Beyonce Edition


Beyonce is without a doubt known for her girl power anthems. We appreciate her for those songs of course, but what’s a woman without a man?! Bitter (if you ask me). There’s no questioning the fact that Beyonce not only has a man but the ring to go along with it.

Just as much as she can sing, dance, and dazzle us all on stage mesmerizing her husband, Jay Z, is also something she’s proven to be good at. Afterall, she is a Virgo.

Beyonce’s love songs aren’t about the sex as much as it’s about the love, admiration, and appreciation she has for him. Anybody can sing about sex *cough Kelly cough* but it takes a real woman to let her man know her true feelings and emotions towards him. It takes even more courage to be vulnerable and submissive as well. That my friend is true intimacy.


Among all that she makes it clear that her man is the only man she wants. Men need to feel confident in knowing that there is no one else in the world you’d rather be with.

For this Valentine’s Day I put together 14 of Yonce’s best songs that you can dedicate to your man while reminding him he’s special this season. I suggest you take notes if you need to. (lol)

1- Be With You
Key line: “I am your woman, I belong to you

2- Hello
Key line: “You dont have to try so hard for me to love you, you had me at ‘Hello!‘”

3- Rather Die Young
Key line: “I’m giving you my life, is in your hands, and what I’m gonna do, is be a woman and you can be the man… I’d rather give up everything than to live my life without you

4- Baby, You’re The Only Man
Key line: “Baby you’re the only man that I want, Youre the only man that I love, You’re the only one that truly makes me happy, and I’m so happy I met you

5- Beyonce Interlude/Gift From Virgo
Key line: “How I wish I could be with you right now, every morning, every afternoon, every night I wanna be with you

6-Crazy In Love
Key line:”I look and stare so deep in your eyes, I touch on you more and more everytime

7-Lay Up Under Me
Key line: “Boy if you just call I’m on my way, when it comes to my baby I bring my best… cause its obvious to see that you’re where I wanna be

Key line:”I think the luckiest girl in the whole wide world could be me, I get to be with the one that I want anytime I please

Key line:”I found a way to let you in but I never really had a doubt

10-I’m Glad There Is You
Key line:”In this world where many people play at love but hardly stay in love I’m glad there is you

Key line:”I know that you love when we touch like that, I can feel you need me, feels so good to me, feels so good to me

Key line:”Oh killing me softly and I’m still falling, still the one I need I will always be with you

13-Slow Love
Key line:”I need a little laughter, and love will follow after

14-Dance For You
Key line:”Boy look into my eyes, when I’m grindin’ on you, this is beyond sex, I’m high on you

My Beyonce Love Songs Deluxe Edition features songs that I love, but might not be considered romantic, they’re straight forward nonetheless.

That’s How You Like It
I love this song! A woman who appreciates her man’s swag and thuggish appeal, if your man is a thug, can definitely let this ride out as she thinks of him.

What’s It Gonna Be
If finding a man at the club appeals to you this song will definitely get your mind right for the man on the dance floor, at the bar, or in VIP that you’re plotting on.

For the dysfunctional lover who is addicted to her man in any way and unsure if she wants to stay or leave him this song will speak to the conflict inside your heart, body, and soul.

Any Questions? Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!
-TheJournalist25 xoxo

“Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 2 “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On”

This episode had a lot going on. Let’s start at the beginning shall we…

The skating rink, Golden Glide in true “ATL” fashion, on oldies night…

April meets a handsome man who can’t skate and apparently forgot he had a cell phone in his pocket when it was time for him to get her number. Thank God Keisha was there to remind him. Keisha finds out at the ATM in the skating rink (was I the only one who found that weird? #shrugs) that the money in her account had been seized and in that realization the ladies rush to the car in hopes her beautiful white Aston Martin hadn’t been seized . It wasn’t and they’re shown driving home screaming like teenage girls having a good time.

Next, they show Keisha sitting on her kitchen counter enjoying some peach cobbler and ice cream. (Where did that peach cobbler come from anyway?) We later find out Keisha is more of a Breakfast cook and hey Raquel didn’t mention anything about making it, nonetheless, Raquel comes out to enjoy some and a serious convo ensues about Malcolm’s whereabouts, the $200 thousand Keisha owes, and Keisha asks Raquel for a favor.

Raquel foolishly assumes that she wants to borrow money, but she just wants her to run the store for a few weeks until her legal woes are over or someone buys it.

I really wanted some of that peach cobbler. Okay, that was my last mention about it, I promise.

Raquel is at V, in the office, when Omar walks in and reads her about getting to run the boutique instead of him, only to be called “a large orange fruit” aka ‘pumpkin.’ Then he tells her that her mother is in the front.

Her mother lets her know that she doesn’t approve of her life basically and that she can’t be settled until she’s married off to a wonderful man with just a few flaws like her ex fiance, Victor. Raquel wasn’t going for it, and then her mother spits out “you would be better to explain if you were in rehab” and in shock Raquel sashays away.

The cute guy, Jason, that April met turns out to be her substitute OBGYN while hers is out and she doesn’t realize it until he’s almost finished with her pelvic exam. He subsequently ends up getting his head squeezed tightly between her thighs. #Awkward

Whew all that happened before the first commercial break, yikes!

April’s cutie/OBGYN, Jason, texts her after the incident and still wants to take her out. While ordering he tells her that her whoo hoo is the most beautiful one he’s ever seen, after all he has seen thousands of vaginas. Then she eats some fruit after his suggestion to make IT taste sweet.

The next date they skip dinner and just go right into the sex. Yesssss! Get it April! He fulfills the prerequisite and all that jazz then asked her to shave it all off down under. April tells the girls it was well worth her time, but feels like he may be obsessed with her whoo hoo the next day. Her thoughts are confirmed when he comes over again and gives her a gift to keep it tight down there. She breaks it off with him.

After, last week’s episode I’m just glad my girl got broken off something proper. Can I get an Aaaaye Men! lol

Raquel is continuing her journey to live for her. She runs into the sexy stable boy Antonio (William Levy) who she shared her virginity with. Antonio is at the stables with the ladies. This is the perfect time for them to rekindle all the passion and lust between them. Too bad they got caught by Raquel’s mother and friends in the stable.

This leads to Raquel giving her mother a piece of her mind and taking control of her life. Antonio and Raquel go back to the stable at a better time to finish what they started. It was a tad bit cheesy for me because in reality it was probably smelling like horses and I dont want to get poked by hay either. I don’t care if a blanket is over it. Seeing as Raquel has been perfect her whole life I can see how this can be adventurous for her. Nothing wrong with going back to your roots I guess.

In the midst of all this, Raquel chooses to buy V from Val. She’s willing to blow her entire savings for it and still needs an investor. Raquel thinks she’s up to the task of being broke and chasing her dreams. Keisha lets her know that struggling is not cute seeing as Raquel has never had to struggle. Keisha gets Eve to invest with Raquel in V, but she thinks its risky and has to be sold on it very hard before agreeing.

“You Might Be Romanticizing Struggle” -Keisha tells naive Raquel

Keisha meets with Sean and finds out she still owes the money even though Malcolm appeared and has to go on a payment plan. Sean is slowly trying to creep his way back into her love life but Keisha is in love and loyal to Malcolm still.

The next day Sean comes to the apartment because Keisha isn’t answering her phone. Turns out she was making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast to deal with her stress. Sean stays for breakfast and tells Keisha how her payment plan is going to be set up for the next five months. Then offers to make a few payments for her because he knows she can’t afford it, but he can. I love how Keisha remained neutral in that moment, she didn’t tell him ‘no’ nor did she get excited. Right when she begins to confide in him about her feelings for Malcolm to take her mind off the money the door bell rings.

Mental Note: Damn, if I’m gonna be a regular thousandnaire chick I know to keep some very wealthy men around me still. Keisha Taught Me!

It’s Malcolm at the door and Keisha is excited to see him. Malcolm, however isn’t happy to see Sean sitting on the balcony eating breakfast. He informs her that everything is finished and mayor Howard was arrested. Keisha informs him that Sean is just her lawyer. Malcolm agrees to pay her $200 thousand in back taxes and fees.

Sean comes to the boutique to inform her Malcolm paid the money and he is no longer her lawyer. He kisses her in an effort to get her back, but she wasn’t having it.

Malcolm messes up later that night when he lets it be known that he still takes care of Ashley financially. He tries to use the money he spent on her debt against her, but Keisha being the woman she is wasn’t having it and showed him to the door.

Why does Malcolm have to be sooo damn niggerish and a bad boy, yet so damn fine?! I may have to switch to Sean’s team because Malcolm is trippin.

Then there’s my boo Omar! I love him. He has a dog that he is obsessed with. Then the dog chews up a $800 pair of shoes when no one is watching it. And he even saw April’s vagina and wasn’t repulsed by it. Eve hits on him too!

“Are you still gay? You’re even cuter now” -Eve

FYI- ladies please stop hitting on gay men on the low, but do make him a good friend!

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

“Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 1 “Slave to Love”

(l to r) April (Charity Shea), Raquel (Denise Vasi), Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy)

At last one of my favorite shows is back for it’s second season Vh1’s Single Ladies ! I have been extra thirsty waiting for its return and I am very pleased with it’s season premiere.  The character’s Val (Stacy Dash) and Christina (Kassandra Clementi) did not return this season but, I am glad to see that Keisha (Lisa Raye) is now officially the ring leader of the cast.

I definitely sense another great season, courtesy of show creator Stacey A. Littlejohn, producer Queen Latifah and their team.

The show opened with a sexy and may I add classy tango dance routine that takes place with Raquel and her fiance at their engagement party. In conclusion of their dance Raquel (Denise Vasi), notices her friend Keisha in excitement and greets her and April with introduction to her fiance and of course  the ring. We find out through this interaction that Keisha is from Inglewood (I’m gonna assume California), which can explain a lot about why she is the woman she is in regards to any Californian.

We also find out how Miss “Well-To-Do” Raquel and Keisha know each other in the past because its very apparent Raquel has never been in a music video let alone in that entertainment profession like her friend Keisha.

Personally, I’m glad to see the show didn’t jump too far ahead in time. We learn that only two weeks have past since the season 1 finale and now the the season 2 premiere.

AS the show proceeds we notice that Jerry, Val’s former beau is present at Raquel’s engagement party which seemed to be the perfect opportunity for April and Keisha as friends to ask Jerry to forgive Val for her actions that we saw in the season 1 finale. We see both conversations with Jerry take place during a tango dance and then leads into another conversation as well.  We learn that Val is in Milan later on and has plans on not coming back.

However, the writers of the show do leave a bit of room for Val (Stacey Dash) to come back if she wants *wink wink*

We find out that April is in desperate need of some dick like any normal divorcee. She could’ve been with Reed, but declined an A&R position tied into his record deal position ending both a work and personal relationship. Her former boss Wes turns out to be the bitch he was last season and begins bad mouthing her all over Atlanta professionally which isn’t helping her new gig as a club promoter either. We also find out that she can make a mean sweet potato pie via Big Boi. April’s also ready to be a “kid in a single ladies candy store.” I say ‘Go Girl’!!!

The new girl, Raquel, is the straighlaced, eduated, corporate, well-off young woman finding herself unhappy with aspects of her life that seem mundane life. Her “perfect” life takes a fast turn when she catches her fiance banging another woman, doggystle, in their hotel room during their party.

Raquel calls off her engagement on stage in the beginning of the episode- thank God for my girl Keisha or she wouldve given the ring back.

“Oh no! You earned this bitch, let’s go!”-Keisha after catching the engagement ring Raquel threw at her fiance.

From there she quit her job, meets a new man, Leonardo, in Val’s shop. Her awakens the woman in her with an impromtu photoshoot. Only to decline on being her rebound man a few days later. May I also add Raquel has “officially unofficially” become Keisha’s new roommate.

I was unsure if I would like this new character, but I can definitely relate to her. As an twenty something year old woman who has done what society has said is right, you’re left only to wonder ‘what else does life have to offer?’ because living by the rules is unfullfilling even with all its trappings.

The trappings are nice but they’re a trap -Raquel to Omar (he’s in love with her like she’s the new Beyonce)

Now, Keisha, her past and future collide in a serious way. Being a ride or die chick for her man, Malcolm, has revealed her issues and her owing the government $200,000 in back taxes and jail time if she doesn’t let the feds know where he is. We find out that all this mess with Malcolm leads back to the mayor and Malcolm’s ex-wife, Ashley (who is now fleeing to the Ivory Coast). I enjoy how they tied Mayor Howard back into the story line with this interaction.

With all this going on, Keisha still finds herself getting some dick (you go girl! two weeks can be a very long time). May I add she and Malcolm are very much in love still.

When Keisha got arrested April and Raquel decide to call Sean (her ex who happens to be a lawyer) to rescue her. We meet him and find out the real story between the infamous Sean and Keisha. They dated for six years, he cheated once got the girl pregnant, and Keisha left his ass. Yikes! Oh and he has a son.

The way Keisha has been angry, bitter, and bad mouthing Sean since season one I thought he did something a little more incriminating than this one time affair. Part of me understands where she is coming from and the other part of me wants to give her a side eye.

Raquel also ends up telling Malcolm that Keisha is in trouble and he comes to her rescue. I have to give it to Keisha, to be living in Atlanta she has some great men by her side. I’m definitely interested to see how this plays out. Let the record show I’m rooting for Malcolm.

Side Note: Who knew that Rick Fox could really, really act?! He is very believable as a federal agent in this episode. Vanessa Williams must’ve been teaching him something while they were married. lol

Omar, is still very gay and working at the boutique, but alone now that Val and Christina are gone. He may be unemployed now that Val has decided to stay in Milan. Gotta love Omar!

In the end, the ladies are all ready to take on Atlanta… and I’m defnitely going for the ride with them this season.

Tell me your thoughts on the episode.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo