HowMyBootyEndUpInTheAir?!: Body Party

I’m always thinking about what I’m gonna write about next for this site. Maybe even overthinking it (there goes that over-analyzing Virgo trait), but thus why its been taking a while for new post. I’m trying not to bore you with only talk about New York so I figured I better get this one out before the passion goes away. A few people have been asking me for a new #howmybootyendupintheair? and this is the closest thing they’re gonna get for now… but you never know what the future has in store.


Where do I start? You know when you hear or see something that just makes you feel like you can be your best possible self, if not better? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Ciara’s “Body Party” video. I know you probably weren’t expecting that from me, but hey I am Miss HowMyBootyEndUpInTheAir?!!

This experience (the video and song) has brought so many emotions out of me in those 4:52. I for one just can’t stop rockin’ my hips, slow winding, and looking back at it while this song plays.

First, it took me all the way back to my party days in college. In my heyday I’ve been to some pretty incredible parties, some of which I was the life of. Although, I mostly went to the club, house parties were always the best (except when they got shut down early). Life was like a movie; liquor was flowing, slow songs were mixed in with the dance tracks, and life had no worries. Nonetheless, a good party night always meant my girls and I were lined up on the wall dancing with some guys which is dully noted in this video.

Then, after reminiscing I began to think “Man, this summer is gonna be epic!” Its my first summer in New York, talk about endless possibilities! Everyone seems to be awaiting summer 2013 thanks to such a brutally cold winter. Speaking of the summer Ciara definitely showed us how to get a boo and keep one for the summer not only with her dancing, but with that sexy lingerie piece she wore too. If you haven’t already I need you to cop a couple of pieces (or at least have some panties and bras that match real talk).

I loved her bun in the video! I love buns period honey (my hair is actually in a messy bun as I type), plus they’re the best when going to a party to prevent sweating your hair into an afro (or is that just me?). I loved the blonde, short, tousled curly hair too because a girl needs some hair to throw back and forth when seducing her man.

The dancing was awesome in this video, but don’t fret ladies they’re still basic moves you grew up doing with just a little remix and twist to it. You always need to remix your classic moves anyway to keep things fresh. She definitely remixed a couple moves from the “Promise” video in that silhouette scene. Cici you are NOT slick, but I’ll let you slide because at least you tried to remix it unlike Beyoncé who is still doing all her original dances from 2003 – 2011. I will admit that my alter ego, Brooke, might have to come out for me to pull some of them off, but I miss her anyway so let the good times roll. Don’t get it twisted I still got it though! Hey, hey, hey daddy! lol Don’t get me started, please!

There are a few little details in this video that I love. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about the details. Ecstatic to see Jazzy Pha in the video!  The dialogue was a nice bonus “They don’t call me the future for no reason” and “He reads.”

There were a lot of little 90s tributes as well. I feel like Ciara channeled her inner Janet Jackson’s Janet in this video with the style, look, and feel, merged with hip hop. Did they low key do the butterfly/tootsie roll?! I’m pretty sure they did. Let me not forget the song samples a 90s summer favorite Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo”.

Lastly, the last song I fell in love with like this was Beyoncé’s “Dance For You,” and although it is Bey season her dance moves are still nowhere close to a Ciara dip and wind. Unfortunately for Ciara she’s not Beyoncé and like I mentioned before its Bey season so I’m pretty sure this song’s livelihood is gonna be cut very short, even though technically Beyoncé hasn’t put out a new single yet. I will keep this song on rotation, but like so many other Beyoncé victims no one else on a public platform (i.e. radio, social media, and iTunes) will, but she can count on BET’s 106 and Park to maybe hold her down. #Justalittleshade

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m going to go twerk to this song in the mirror. (Bitch, don’t act like you don’t do it too!) Enjoy the video below:

-TheJournalist25 xoxo


How To Vacation With Men

Recently, I took a trip to Las Vegas, NV because I needed to get away from Los Angeles. I needed a vacation and a change of scenery. Most of all I need my own personal space to walk around naked and use the bathroom whenever and however long I needed because this is not a luxury I have at the moment.

Privacy Please!… and Thank You

My motivation for the trip was a friend/classmate’s birthday… and they just so happened to be of the opposite sex, as in a man. Another motivation was the fact that I would be able to see my dad for a couple hours too.

So, I booked my hotel and rental car with the intentions of having a relaxing, bubble bath, great food, and sleep filled weekend. I thought I would run into my friend and his friends then go about my business for the rest of the weekend. The universe had something totally different in mind.

Let me just say I got very little sleep after Friday night, but had a blast.

The view from my room on the 39th floor at night

When I arrived in my hotel room I heard loud music and negroes next door to me. I was extremely tired from my drive, but kind of excited to know young black people were right next door. Only to find out the next day in the lobby that my friend and his friends were staying right next door to me. #theirony. We didn’t even know we were staying in the same hotel so it was crazy to realize we were neighbors.

This changed everything. By Saturday afternoon I was hanging with the fellas. Don’t get me wrong I did get in quite a bit of Me Time in too, but going on vacation with men has its advantages in comparison to being with just a group of women sometimes. Here are a few things I learned and appreciated during my trip.

1) They’re not going to babysit you

With women friends there’s always that one friend that wants to keep an eye on everyone and everything. You just want to tell that bitch to go somewhere. Being with a bunch of men I was free to do me and be me. If we departed ways I was fine being by myself. I didn’t have to run up behind them the entire trip and they damn sure didn’t check on me (like that). I’m a grown, independent woman and I didn’t need to be with someone every minute of the day. That’s why I rolled out there solo.

My personal time also helped with not getting annoyed with being around them so much. I was able to my thing as a female and vice versa.

Yummy cookies and creme gelato during my Me Time in the Bellagio

2) Liquor is Free!

Now, I was with some quality dudes and they had an abundance of top shelf dark liquor at their disposal and mine. They were never stingy when it came to pouring up a glass or two. They actually encouraged it. Let the libations flow.

Note: Know your limit. If you can drink like a man by all means, but if you can’t please don’t try to keep up with them because they are not going to babysit your drunk ass.

3) They don’t want to shop!

I hate every time I go on vacation my friends want to go shopping for hours at that. In a city like Vegas and only a weekend to enjoy myself the last thing I wanted to do is see a mall or be in the hotel room all day. I’m trying to get something poppin and explore all there is to offer. Men sleep, wake-up, get dress and leave the room. The day flows from event to event. Their main objective is… finding some bitches! lol They also just want to do crazy, dumb, hilarious stuff just because they’re on vacation.

The tomfoolery from playing the penny slots #cashedout

4) Nothing is taken personal or serious

You’re allowed to embarrass yourself. Its all fun and games at the end of the day. You’re not allowed to take yourself too seriously. Just go with the flow and have yourself a good ol time.

Some very funny and crazy things happened over the course of the weekend that still make me weak with laughter. In a normal circumstance I probably would’ve wanted to slap them or would’ve been offended, but there was no need for all that because it was really just all fun and games.

5) Don’t share a room with them

I’m so glad I had my own room to go to. Men are messy and will sleep anywhere and anyway. Not only that, but you know their main objective is to bring bitches back to the room so its best to give them the space to do so. Who’s to say you don’t want to take someone to your room for some private time anyway? Kudos to these guys for having plenty of condoms at their disposal. Whether or not they used them shall remain in Vegas. Just know they were not about to get caught slippin’.

Having my own room also allowed me to get ready without them having to see the entire process from start to finish of putting on make-up, doing my hair, and other womanly things. Oh and lets not forget being able to go number two without them knowing. Let me not forget that I could have my own #howmybootyendupintheair moment(s) with no problems also.

I definitely appreciated that when it was time to go out with these guys they were dressed to impress. I’m talking blazers, suit jackets, cuff links, button down shirts, slacks, etc. So, when I came in with my black dress looking classy yet seductive we all looked like we belonged in a crew together. Shoutout to those guys and their flyy selves. #YouGoBoys!

I enjoyed hanging with them and the moments I had by myself. I had an equal amount of time by myself doing my own womanly things as I spent with them. I do however wish I would’ve taken more bubble baths to relax while I was there. Not to mention I spent some time with my dad Sunday morning.

I’m not sure if I will ever have the opportunity to travel in this capacity again, but I sure did enjoyed myself.

Are there any other advantages to traveling with primarily the opposite sex on vacation? Have you had a similar experience? Let me know the deal in the comments.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

A Lesson In Acceptance via J. Cole

This thing has been bothering me for a while now.

This summer I kept hearing this song that was sooo west coast, the beat, the vibe, even the way it was rapped, but I didn’t know who’s song it was. At first, it was very seldom it would come on the radio. Gradually, I began to hear it more and more. I thought it was some new artist from out here in LA, but to my surprise it was J. Cole. WTF?!!

The funny thing is that I kept rejecting the fact that it was him every time someone would tell me this. I would ask my friends who are always up on the latest music and they would tell me the same thing every time; in the car or at a party, it never failed. After a while I started to get the side eye -__- from them in my confusion. I have to laugh at myself right now just thinking about the numerous times I heard the song and sincerely thought “hmm, I wonder who this is rapping?” This has gone on for about four months now.

Everytime I hear it in the car I would feel so good and bounce to it as if it were a Dre and Snoop Dogg track from the early 2000s, or even a DJ Quik song. I felt taken advantage of and used when I kept hearing J. Cole’s name. I have nothing against him, after all, he is college educated, from an HBCU at that (I love my HBCUs), and somewhat handsome, but at the end of the day he is not from Cali.

I feel like I sound narrow-minded about this song, but I hold west coast music dear to my heart because it is a specific kind of beat and feel to it. A dip, bounce groove to your two-step happens when you listen to a west coast beat no matter what the song is talking about. The RnB vibe is always tied to a west coast song, even if its subconscious. So, here I am doing my sacred west coast/Cali groove to J. Cole’s “Work Out” and I feel deceived deep in my heart.

Finally, this week I received it in my spirit that this was J. Cole’s song. LOL

*Side Note: I’m not a huge music person, but I do feel that sometimes California rappers don’t get their just do and then here comes J. Cole benefiting from us. I’m not even going to mention Wiz Khalifa’s “I Roll Up”…*

Okay, so after accepting it in my heart that this is J. Cole’s song I go to my Dell Notebook, in hopes that the video has some palm trees and a beach in it. I even cross my fingers for a low-rider or two. Once again, I’m thoroughly disappointed while looking at the video on YouTube, this negroe is on a basketball court in grimy a$$ New York- Brooklyn to be exact. Once again, WTF?!

Hold up! I have love for New York, don’t jump down my back. I’m actually trying to live there, but that is neither here nor there. The video just hurt my soul, slowly; seeing him on the basketball court, then that house party scene (not even at a club) #Icant. I guess I should appreciate the Los Angeles Raiders snapback he wears in the video though, right?

All jokes aside, the video doesn’t do the song justice at all anyway. Let me retract that house party scene comment, I understand the logic behind it now.

I have love for J. Cole and his recent come up. This is in no way a diss to him or his music. This is merely about my love for my city, Los Angeles, and how near and dear it is to my heart, especially the music.

The reason for this tangent is to also let you know that I got over all my preconceived notions about the song, finally. I can now fully enjoy the song and dance/ groove to it because I have accepted it for what it is, a great song by J. Cole. I can’t lie, I really enjoy the song and feel good while listening to it, although the lyrics are slightly distasteful- talking about a one night stand smh. So, don’t be surprised if you see me dancing to it at a party or gathering.

P.S. the song was produced by J. Cole and samples Kanye West “New Workout Plan” and Paula Abdul “Straight Up”

What have you had trouble accepting? How do you feel about the song “Work Out” and its west coast feel? Any other feelings come to mind with this song?

-TheJournalist25 xoxo