When Being Miss Independent Goes Wrong


This time last year I was preparing to go to Roatan, Honduras to assist with When Love Works couples getaway. After the trip I wrote about a poignant experience while there, but never posted it. Here it is for you to read now. Enjoy!



Standing on the wooden platform with my helmet adjusted just right on my afro, sunglasses on my face as sweat persisted to slide them off, and oversized brown gloves on my hands. I wasn’t sure if the sweat all over my body was because of the July heat or nervousness as I wiped my face, and inhaled deep breathes several times. 

I had gotten myself into something that only 13 lines through the forest by myself could get me out of. 

I’ve always prided myself on being independent. My parents always told me how independent I was even as a baby. They weren’t shocked at all when I moved across the country by myself with no friends or family TWICE to strike out on my own. 

It was never a second thought getting up and doing things I wanted to do alone when friends weren’t available. This year more than ever I really began to go overboard with my independent, single woman mindset. Buying myself tickets to shows and events, without even inviting my friends first, and calling it date night. Granted solo date night is needed, but some things are just better with other people to enjoy. Admittedly, I have always enjoyed a certain level of singledom and dating the last few years, but started to find myself with very little space for others in my life. 

While actively trying to date I would have my weekly schedule filled with things to do solo or with friends fitting in dates however they could. Most of the time they didn’t fit, and we dissolved quickly. I was trying to establish myself as a woman who didn’t need a man, but wanted one. A woman with a life and not waiting around for anyone.   

Until I found myself hanging on a line in the middle of a forest in Roatan, Honduras terrified. 

After about a week with five couples, as the only single person, assisting with the When Love Works Couples Getaway, I learned a lot about love, partnership, and relationships. But I was determined to spend time by myself on the trip. I walked the beach a few times in the morning, went to dinner my first night, but found myself with the group most of the time. 

Our last day I decided to go ziplining by myself. I was fearless… until I got to the top of the forest and read the waiver. I initialed and signed my life away leaving the company with no liability if anything happened to me. As I stepped into the harness allowing the guide to hook, snap, and pull around my crotch area it started to become real. 

I listened keenly through the guides accent, and mesmerizing eyes, as he explained what to do. “Wait, say that again,” making sure I heard him correctly and clearly with each detail. Once on the line there was no turning back. I’m not one to back down from a challenge I set my mind on, but I was scared and felt alone. Hell, I was alone besides the two guys that worked there to ensure I made it all the way down. 

Snap, clamp, click I was secured on the line after jumping up crotch first and landing on my tippy toes. The first guide zoomed across to the other side. The one with mesmerizing eyes was behind me as I crossed my legs and allowed the line to support my weight. “Now drop,” he said. I glanced at him, took another deep breath and zoom. I glided across the line with the air in my face terrified I was going too fast. 

I used my glove as instructed to slow down, and accidentally stopped myself in the middle of my destination and starting point. I was stuck. This excursion was resembling a metaphor of my life. 

Taking many leaps towards my dreams, but stopping abruptly when I didn’t have control, felt unsure, and lacked the support I needed, but didn’t know how to ask for it. My independence hasn’t just hindered my love life, but every aspect if I’m being honest. 

The guide in front of me zipped back and pulled me to the end of the line. Reality set in once my feet touched the wooden post- there was no turning back. I had to go through 12 more lines by myself. 

Still terrified I tried to calm myself down breathing in and out rapidly. It wasn’t working. 

The guide with mesmerizing eyes could see my angst and talked to me, asking me questions to take my mind off what was ahead of me. He reassured me I would be okay, but all I could think about was the waiver. Finally, I repeated the same steps again to get across to the next post. 

Although, that went much better than the first one, my nerves were bad and in shock at that point. “How many more do I have left? I need a minute,” I said to the guide while trying to talk myself into the third line. “I’m going to go with you,” as he connected himself to my harness. “Just trust me.”

Even though he was a stranger, he was also the expert. My options felt limited. He looked in my eyes and instructed me to cross my legs, sit, and drop down as I did twice before. “I’m right here with you.” As I glided through the trees and swung around no longer holding the line with my hands there he was right behind me. Connected to me. 

We talked, laughed, and got to know each other line after line through the forest. I embraced his support and enjoyed the experience a lot more with him behind me. Before I knew it we were done. It turned into a metaphor for my support and success. The same support the couples talked about during the trip. I still had to do the work, but he was there behind me making it more enjoyable despite the fear. It was never about needing him as much as just having his presence.

Our connection was not romantic, he was just doing his job. The overall experience was eye-opening to just how tight I was holding on to my ‘I’m single and independent’ flag out of fear. There’s nothing wrong with being single or independent, but I was wearing mine like a badge of honor. Taking care of myself is easy, allowing someone in for the journey takes courage, vulnerability, and work. I’ve been avoiding those things since breaking up with my high school boyfriend, Mark. 

After my break-up with Mark, who was clear about wanting to be married and have children, I felt freedom. I recognized how hard it was to be in a relationship, especially with no tools to navigate things. Years after our break-up, I felt satisfied when he called me requesting I come outside my childhood home to see his baby, only to tell him, “I’m not home. I’m in Washington, DC in my dorm room at Howard University.”

“Oh foreal? Let me call you back.” I never heard from him again. 

I always knew there were certain accomplishments I wanted to achieve as a single woman i.e. have my own apartment, live and travel abroad, and be able to take care of myself.  Up until recently, I had a very limited ideology of being an independent woman. Now I understand you can be independent and a team player.   

Being in a healthy relationship doesn’t mean giving up who I am, my dreams, or giving up control over my life. It’s just support and encouragement on my journey through purpose and vice versa. Support from my man and others in my life doesn’t take away from my dreams being realized.  

My trip to Honduras helped me to really see that my blindspot in life is trying to be independent and operating out of fear instead of love.  


A Bitch Like Belle


I was born a real bitch that does real things. I know this because my favorite Disney movie has always been Beauty and the Beast since it came out in 1991. With that being said Belle is my favorite Disney princess and always has been and always will be. Why? Because she’s a real bitch, that does real things.

Okay, for starters Belle is smart, loves to read, is an oddball in her town but comfortable in her own skin. She’s beautiful and all the dudes want to get with her, but she’s too smart to fall for those losers. She’s a leader.

Then, she’s bold enough to 1) reject Gaston on a regular 2) go look for her father when nobody else would and stepped up in a strange person’s house without permission. She tamed the beast aka a thug with a heart. Only a bomb bad bitch (read: bold, genuine and real female) can do that. She loved him for him only to become a princess. She loved him past his flaws, but also challenged him to be better. During her time in the castle she treated everybody nicely and with respect. `

Overall, she wasn’t perfect, but she did what was necessary and reaped the rewards because of her genuine nature.

How can you not love let alone appreciate a bitch like Belle?!

As a little girl I was never really big on reruns and watching the same thing over and over, but I could watch this movie all day. I wanted to be her for Halloween and had my room and birthday party themed after Beauty and the Beast. You couldn’t tell me nothin’ and still can’t (obviously).

I still have the movie on VHS, but not DVD 😦 (gift idea for any takers).


May I also add that she inspired girls all over the world to love reading. BAD BITCH! I’ve dreamed about having a beautiful library in my house since I was six. My place of living will never be complete without a some type of library area if not a room just dedicated to reading separate from my office/work area.

Get It Bitch!

I absolutely loved that golden yellow gown  she wore as they ballroom danced. The color inspired my prom dress and will be incorporated in my wedding colors (not that I’ve planned my wedding or anything).

Lastly, I’d like to add that she didn’t wait for true love she simply lived her life and stumbled into love with her not so charming prince. Four things you can learn from Belle when it comes to love:

1-Don’t be so consumed with yourself and career that you leave no room for love. She could’ve told the beast “look I ain’t got time for you I’m busy reading this book” but she didn’t. Not only that, but there was no other women to persuade her to date him she did it because she wanted to. (Ladies, ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.)


2-Love takes effort and work. She went through some rough patches with the Beast even in the beginning but she saw beyond all those claws, sharp teeth and growling. In the same vain she recognized the effort that he put in also with the dinner and little changes he made. He also still made sure she had the best.

3- Let it go. She could’ve held a grudge against the Beast because he captured her father and then held her captive but she didn’t. Letting go of the anger and negative feelings toward him allowed her to fall in love. You need to let go and forgive the past men and even the dumb things your current man does to move forward and make room for love.

4-She genuinely had her man’s back. When they went to kill her man she was on her full ride or die chick. She might even be one of the original ride or dies. She saved his life and made him wanna be a better man. I just love that scene when she grabs his shirt and pulls him from falling with Gaston. #realbitch

Don’t Front On That Peabo Bryson Version OF Tales As Old As Time.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 10 “Fast Love”

I know I’ve been slipping. I have a valid excuse(s) but I’ll spare you and get right to it.

April Beat The P***y Up

She and Reggie are so wack to me because they’re both selfish. I felt her planning their first time having sex was weak. This bitch aint cook no meal (and we know she can cook), she didn’t have a candle lit, she didn’t even put music on. All she did was dress up, read some sex articles in a magazine (right before he got there) and then told him her plan. There was no build up, romance, or sensuality to it. She should’ve read that magazine earlier in the day while getting her nails done or something. Then cook a bomb little meal set to candle light and soft music. Flirt all night then have him for dessert. Instead she’s looking up like #howmybootyendupintheair? wishing it was over already

She was mad because he’s banging the headboard and might I add sweating, but bitch you’re just laying there. She wasn’t even participating. I believe she assumed some responsibility in the wack sex both times. Check your email, boo!

Now she was on to something when she said “I always have an orgasm… with myself,” spoken like a true woman who hasn’t had sex with a man in a very long time. #sarcasm

She eventually has a talk with him and then the sex was amazing. All of that could’ve been eleviated if she would’ve had him fulfill The Prerequisite anyway. #ImJustSaying I’m with Keisha I don’t fake it, honey. Its mine I get it (2Chainz voice).

Wait, but why did Reggie ask if she was okay down there?! Ooh, he tried it.

Raquel It’s About Time

Another lost soul in this world of dating. I do have to give her props on lighting some candles and putting on that red bustier for Charles. Too bad he brought a friend that night. She was trying to get a piece the entire episode and finally got it in the end. I must say Raquel isn’t a foreplay kind of girl either apparently. She was ready to just get right to it when they were jumping on the bed. What’s with these chicks?

I’m so mad Charles took her literally when she said “build up.” She meant over the evening not a week. Are adults really this clueless about sex?! All this extra stuff is not needed as far as I’m concerned. When Charles sat her down on the floor I truly don’t believe Raquel was into she was just horny and willing to do what needed to be done to finally get the D. lol

I enjoyed when she slept with Nate way more than with Charles because it was more realistic and felt real. Charles was trying to add his intelligence to it and stuff like nobody cares. I’m not opposed to anything new, but less is more sometimes. We will see what Raquel has to say next week about the sex. She’s probably gonna be all “it was magical” or some dumb shit. She gets on my nerves sometimes with that bull shit. Girl please, you like to fuck stop tryna make it sound whimsical. lol

I will say I’m glad that her and April have settled down and are serious with one man.

Keisha Cashing Out

She checked the mess out of Malcolm in the beginning, but at the end of the day she still met with him after her date with Winston. Let’s be real she could’ve made him wait until the next day. I’m just glad to see Malcolm, especially without Taylor’s ass always around even though she kept popping up. Was she stalking him? Why was she just poppin up everywhere anyway?

Anyway, I’m glad she shut Raquel and April down about her trying to be in her business because sometimes you gotta let things marinade before you serve it up. They’re alway acting like they really know the tea with her and Sean and Malcolm, but they don’t. They don’t even know about her date with Winston. They wouldn’t have known about Malcolm either had he not come by Indulgence. All they know is Sean and that seems to be lukewarm compared to her career right now. She has three men vying for her love as of now, who will she pick?

Yes, Malcolm wants her too. He’s waiting for her to fold all her cards for him that’s why he’s keeping Taylor around. Its a chess move to make her jealous and fold quicker.

I loved how they did business together. Building an empire together. While Taylor has nothing to offer at that moment but her good looks. Keisha is still winning. If you weren’t sure before you knew once Taylor stepped to her at the end of the episode. Taylor is just trying to get married so she can get Malcolm’s money and knows Keisha is the only one who can ruin it for her. She’s so thristy its not even funny up here talkion bout ‘I’m in love with him.” What does that have to do with Keisha?!  Bitch. Boo. Bye!

I commend Taylor for trying to fight for her “man” but she’s still wack for even being the situation she’s in.

Am I the only one who found it sexy when Malcolm checked Taylor?! Yes, I enjoyed watching that.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the cat fight between Layla and Sharon. When “Girlfight” by Brooke Valentine came on it was a wrap. I was done. It gave me everything I needed and more. They were throwing flowers and stuff. How did everyone but them end up in the pool?! It was just too much for me.

Was that dress Layla had on from Adrienne Balion’s collection? It looked just like the dress Julissa had on in Empire Girls Sunday night, but in beige. (Yes I watch Empire Girls too).

I’m glad the two ladies squashed the beef and ended up getting Keisha a huge commission, can you say cha ching!

Omar Relationship Status

He’s back!! He’s back to burning, teaching, and calling them ‘bitches’. He and Keisha are back to being a tag team duo when it comes to schooling the children, Raquel and April. He looks better too.

He’s got a man this episode who is playing 2012 social media games. We’ve all dealt with this type of person before. Just doing the most.

Omar was a fool for trying to play sick… or should I say Raquel was a fool for really believing he was sick. I wish my employers were nice enough to give me the day off at the first sign of a cough. Val would’ve offered him some tea and let him rest in the back while it was slow. This fool let him go home only to find out he went to six flags #classic.

Omar’s boo was way too pressed on Facebook and blew up his whole spot. lol He had to go. You’re suppose to wait until you actually meet the friends before you add them on every social network possible. He wasn’t really tryna be on anyway because he didn’t step foot in Indulgence. If you want to get with Omar or any of the ladies you have to come to the boutique and that’s an unofficial official rule.

Morgan All You Gotta Do Is Say ‘Yes’

Morgan is my new boo! I love her! She’s flyy, she keeps it real, and she is hella sassy. She fits right in.

Tyrone (or whatever his name is) deserved to get the comment she made about him being dumb. Why are you over 30 and don’t know what 10% of $500 is? I can only imagine what his finances look like. Sounds like to me she dodged a bullet.

Jabari is clearly sensitive, who’s not going to laugh when somebody trips? lol She needs to keep doing her thing because it’s getting the weak men to leave sooner.

Quick Story: One time I was on a date and the guy hit his head on a sign while we were walking. I didn’t laugh because I was in shock but I did smile extra hard. Hahaha It happens to the best of them.

Now, I am going to need her not to be running up to her daughter’s school over foolishness. Two weeks of detention for talking back to a substitute teacher? The principal could’ve told her that over the phone and called it a day. I thought her daughter had really done something delinquent, after all she is a thief.

Until next week… keep it funky!

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 7 “Eat, Play, Love”

This episode was a turning point just as I expected. It was very refreshing. I needed the romance tonight. This season was missing romance and tonight it gave me life, but by the end of the episode I was let back off my high.

The episode began at Reggie’s new nightclub that April was helping him with and booked Chili for a listening party. Here Reggie is reintroduced as April’s friend instead of her love interest because he lives with his ex-girlfriend still. Charles is reintroduced shortly after as Raquel’s love interest with a napkin that read “I will go out with Raquel before the end of this month” (something to that affect) and that’s where the cute romance begins.

Unfortunately, for myself Malcolm and Sean were not in this episode. Unfortunately and fortunately for Keisha they weren’t and she got harassed in the club by some random rude dude. This led to her British accent general, William, coming to her rescue and showing that chivalry isn’t dead.

For April, this is just the beginning of her troubles when she runs into mayor Howard’s ex-wife at the club. She pressed her, April surrendered only to find out that girl was not really worried about her.

We find out the next day that Omar was supposed to be a bigtime designer of his label MoMo by now when an old classmate spots him in the store while in town for their class reunion.

That same day Raquel meets a man at the auto shop while waiting for her car. He worked there. Instead of asking her out though he just tells her where he’s gonna be later on that night- the club with his friends at 11. Lame!

April “Foolish”

As much as I dislike her I actually felt bad for her this episode because she played herself and got played all at the same time. She put Reggie in the friends zone because he was living with his ex-girlfriend still, which sounds kind of reasonable, but he did just move to Atlanta from North Carolina. Here she is trying to put him in the friend zone when she really wants him and that’s why she gets burnt. She should’ve stood her ground a bit instead of letting the ex low-key make her back off. That’s what Reggie needed and it would’ve given her a chance to really see what the deal was.

Reggie gets approached by another woman while they’re at the gym and that’s when I know she’s feeling him without a doubt. That girl was very bold to even step to him with April right there but in the end she got what she wanted. April got put in the sister zone after her foolish rant about a bunch of nonsense Reggie didn’t care about. Duh! He’s a man.

Then, she runs into Daryl, her ex-husband, only to find out he’s in love with mayor Howard’s ex-wife, Jennifer ( I saw that coming a mile away). She calls Raquel and Keisha but they’re busy with their new men. She’s left to call Reggie and even though he answers the phone it turns out he’s busy with the girl from the gym. Like a good guy friend he still comes to her rescue and talks to her about what happened.

I will admit it is a hard pill to swallow when you realize your ex is on to the next and maybe even happier, not because you want them still, but your just use to being the person they adore. I digress.

After, Reggie comes and gives her a pep talk she finds out that his ex moved out a week ago. Now she feels dumb, as she should, and wants to admit that she wants him as more than a friend to the ladies.

She gets the #girlbye award for the week!

Raquel “Big Pimpin”

Unsurprisingly, Raquel ends up with two men. Charles from the boule (Finally!!!!) and Nate the mechanic.

Both men are charming and romantic in their own way. Nate is just a regular guy though and very rough around the edges. He’s the guy that you wouldn’t mind going out with but he doesn’t have the sense or decency to actually ask you on a date. He says everything but the actual question. Luckily for him Raquel was willing to walk him through the process until he got the hang of it. I wouldn’t have given him the time or day based on that alone, but I digress.

Let me back up though. Just the night before she went on a cute picnic with Charles at night watching the moon and they had a very intellectual conversation. He really listened and invested in getting to know about her. She opened up about wanting to learn the guitar so he taught her just a tad bit on his. He also listened and gave good advice about her issues with her parents. Then they kissed and even I felt the fireworks watching it.

The following night she went out with Nate after he came to the boutique looking for her. He showed a little insecurity as they walked through this very nice and expensive hotel that April liked for its architecture. I enjoyed that she didn’t dumb herself down for him and was also able to make him feel secure in his financial and educational shortcomings. She always adds the class I need to the show.

With that he took her into his world-being a mechanic- which surprisingly she had a little knowledge in too. There was still room for him to teach her something new- how to change a tire. It was very sexy, romantic, and adventurous all at the same damn time. Then they rode off the to get to know each other some more.

In the end of the episode Raquel doesn’t know who she wants to be with. Good thing she has a little time before she chooses. The next episode is probably going to reveal their true flaws and she will probably dump both of them. The way this season has gone I don’t know if any of these women are gonna find love by the finale. I sure hope they do though.

SideNote: Raquel’s black little dress at the end of the episode was very cute. On the other hand her ponytails not so much!

Keisha “Angel in Disguise”

She got played this episode. There’s no way around it, but she was a good sport about it. She also needed it to get her mind off of Malcolm. I’ll admit I was very upset that it had to go down the way it did. Let me explain.

So after saving Keisha from a rude and aggressive man in the club, her English gentleman says he’s in the army and has to leave in a week, but he wants to see all these places in Atlanta before he leaves because it was his first time visiting. Keisha becomes his date and tour guide. They hang out and he puts on this whole act with the accent, says he is going to Iraq the next day and has to leave earlier than planned. The whole nine. She fell for every bit of it too like a fool.

Although, I will admit I found it peculiar that he was a British officer in Atlanta for work. I just never really heard of it, but I let it go for the sake of the story. Plus he was spitting that ying yang all up in Keisha’s ear. I was enjoying the romance of it all for Keisha, after all she deserved it. She quickly got caught up in it too.

Since it was a fling and their last time seeing each other Keisha had sex with him. Right when they’re about to leave one of the maids puts him on blast about who he really is. Turns out that fool works at the damn hotel as a janitor and is from Atlanta. His real name is not William, but LaDamien. Damn homie!!

We also find out he does that all the time to women. It was fun while it lasted I guess. Keisha like the G she is was mad, but took it for what it was and had a good laugh with her girls about it.

Omar “I Found Myself”

Well, in the beginning when old boy put him on blast I was feeling bad for him once again, but this episode was actually a good one for him. We find out that people put pressure on Omar to be a big time designer because he was good at it in school, but he really just wants to do what he is doing- work retail and style people. In other words he’s lazy. We see him maturing a lot this season from a sex-crazed shallow gay guy to a man- a gay man nonetheless.

You can’t be mad at someone being honest with themselves.

#Shoutout to whoever made the decision to Plies “Put It On Ya” I really got hype when it came on. “Ooh Wee!”

Until next week boos and boo-ettes!
-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Single Ladies Season 2 Recap “Dueces”

Last week I didn’t do a recap on the sixth episode of Single Ladies because I felt like it was a turning point in the season. Things are about to change and pick up with this new episode and I just wanted to reflect on the ladies love lives. As we see all of their careers are on point and taken care of for the most part, but their love lives are a mess.

April “You’re Not Bomb”

As we all know by now the season started two weeks after the last season ended and I find it very interesting that someone who is suppose to be going through a divorce and was a part of a huge scandal is just living life single, sexy, and free out in these streets. Women who are going through a divorce don’t typical jump right into dating. Not only that but she hasn’t brought up or mentioned her divorce at all (to my recollection), except when she was cooking that fried bologna for Jack.

From my observation of April so far I have to say she’s selfish. She really doesn’t care about anybody but herself and the outcome. Everything has been about her and her career and what she wants when dating- not that there is something wrong with that, it is what it is. Afterall, she is 25.

I came to this conclusion based on several incidents in the past two seasons so far. Her cheating last season and not wanting to have kids. The fact that she never thought about the consequences of her affair and thought she could work it out with Daryl. SMH In this season she pressed Keisha about hanging out when she was dealing with a break up.

She went from wanting to be a kid in a single girls candy store to actually meeting someone who wanted to be all up in that pussy only to dump him. WTF! Then she couldn’t date to save her life and was being hella thirsty. Not to mention her vibrator went out on her. That’s when she finally met Jack at the strip club and tried to keep him a secret- why are you grown lying to other adults? Girl Byyyyeeee!

She pressed Jack about his lifestyle as a stripper, even though she met him at his job, and wouldn’t have sex with him because of it.

I feel like that’s very hypocritical of her seeing as she’s a female club promoter. We all know it can be a misogynist business and a bit wack if you ask me, especially compared to being A&R for a record company and artist. I may be short sighted but I don’t see the longevity of being a party promoter. Not to mention she has no college degree (just the facts).

Finally, the fact that she never tried to really get to know Bobby Monay. She just wanted him to do the job so she could benefit. She never really tried to connect with him and his personal life or any level other than professional and that’s why he kept playing her ass. Although, she did call his momma, but that was after Keisha put her up on game.

I’m glad that the next episode will bring her past back because it never went away in my head.

Raquel “You’re Not On”

Raquel is beautiful, young, and able to get any man she wants pratically, but the men we have seen her deal with she has not benefitted off of. Not only that but we really don’t know what her dating mission statement is. We know Keisha is just tryna get hers, April wants to date, and Val wanted to meet Mr. Right. Raquel is all over the place the only thing we know is she wants is ‘passion’. Passion is not all that hard to get in the grand scheme of dating. What are you going to do with the passion once you get it?

Victor, cheated on her and I understand why she walked away from it all, but once again if it wasn’t for Keisha she wouldn’t even have the ring to show for it. I’m not advocating being a user, but I am advocating benefitting where you can from a relationship.

She then got with Antonio which we can let slide on that rekindle an old flame and rebellion. He still played her though on that sex addict tip.

I feel like she slept with Tony and then gave up the game at halftime when she was about to be chillin’ in the White House. Girl, get your life. You’ve already slept with him and got invited to meet Michelle Obama, you couldn’t hold on just a little longer to put Michelle up on your boutique so she can go shopping next time she’s in Atlanta. #Imjustsaying

Now, she gets with Scotty which I was glad, but how are you gonna play him when he’s on par with you minus maybe his background. You said you want passion so why are you looking so deeply into things with him. Just let it flow and have fun, girl! Here she goes again unsure, but still sleeps with him. Then Charles, from the boule, appears and you find a scapegoat to dump Scotty. She would’ve stuck by him if she didn’t see Charles right before.

She should’ve had a girls night out and left Scotty at home instead of taking him to the club. Here he gets embarrassed because April doesn’t have as much pull as she thinks and this fool wants to order a beer like he’s of age. When does he turn 21 anyway? Poor Scotty got embarrassed and dumped in the same night. They’re gonna run into each other again afterall they’re neighbors.

It shall be interesting to see how things change for her now that she reconnected with Charles. I predict he might last a couple of episodes, maybe even longer. I can’t wait to see. In the next episode she’s gonna be dating two guys at once. This shall be interesting.

Keisha “You Got Done”

Poor Keisha! The woman with all the tricks, tools, and knowledge. Ms Keisha “Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent” Green finally falls in love with Malcolm only to break up with him after about six months because his ex-wife, Ashley, wouldn’t go away like an EX is suppose to.

I believe that Keisha has made all the right decision when it comes to their relationship, but in this case love just doesn’t conquer all. As we see from Malcolm’s ex-wife and current girlfriend, Taylor, he wants power, wealth, and status more than he wants love. Malcolm’s brother confirmed it too when he and Keisha ran into each other. Now the question is where does she go from here? Fight for Malcolm (which I doubt) or get with Sean (which I also doubt)? You never though with her. She always has tricks up her sleeve.

Its a shame that she kind of shot herself in the foot by tryna press Taylor not realizing how much ammo she actually had. Raquel did kinda gas her head a bit about Malcolm still loving her. Now, Malcolm is cutting off all ties with Keisha which probably has her feeling sick. I know I was sick at the end of the episode. SICK!

I will say in the midst of her losing when it comes to love, she’s winning in general. Sean is there for her in every compacity- financially, emotionally, career, legally- he’s there when she needs him.

She also wins because Malcolm shoved out $200 thousand for her IRS problems and bought her Aston Martin twice. At the end of the day he does love Keisha its just a matter of when will it be enough for him.

Kiesha is never short on men or money although it might seem like it sometimes. If you didn’t notice she skimmed money off the top of that stack that came from under the couch then got the rest of the money from Sean because she wasn’t going to use all her stashes of money at the end of the day.

I’m glad she has a new career now in real estate which is she is doing pretty well in. She handled Val leaving pretty well too.

Sidenote: I’m glad that the show is letting us know that old school southern values are still in place. With the Kappa Boule Ball and the way marraige is discussed among the upper class families. Marraige is more of an arrangement with other rich families than about love (ie Victor and Raquel, Taylor and Malcolm, Shelly and her new man).

Omar “Left Behind”

Out of everyone Omar has had it the worse this season.

He loss Val. He doesn’t get any recognition. He’s never invited to the really nice events, only the club. Got put on blast about wearing fake desinger clothes because he’s broke and Raquel can’t afford to give him a raise. He got engaged only to get dumped. Then his sister, Presley, gets a man and he is disrespected and told to stay out of her and her son’s life by this him.

Where is the love?!

I truly feel bad for him, but he’s handling it like a champ I must admit. I hope he gets some play soon.

Let me know your thoughts on the season so far.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 5 “Fabric of Our Lives”

Okay I have to start with Omar after this episode!

Honey boom boom, I must say I haven’t enjoyed one single outfit he’s worn all season. Anywho, we come to find out he’s helping his sister, Presley (played by Lala Anthony- who can’t act very well), financially take care of her son. I can totally respect that. Even more reason for me to love him.

I completely enjoyed when he stood up to his sister’s new boyfriend, Marcus (played by Omar Gooding). If he had a problem with gay men he shouldn’t have brought his ass over there to meet him. I just couldn’t believe how rude he was being in somebody else’s house. I’m glad Omar quickly checked him.

Now on to April…
Every episode I always have to grit my teeth with her because I really don’t like her. This episode pushed me over the edge. First, it was the peach cobbler and I let her slide, now bologna sandwiches and red kool aid, bitch please!!

Then, she has the audacity to hold back sex from her stripper “boyfriend” Jack because she wasn’t sure about him, but you were the one who approached him at the strip club. She had no right to go all Diary of a Mad (Wanna Be) Black Woman on him. He didn’t give her any reason to believe he would do her wrong. He was just tryna make his money.

She let her own insecurities get in the way of that relationship. She didn’t want anyone to judge her but she was judging herself and Jack. Don’t hate the game, or the playa when you asked to play. #boom

I’m glad they finally put it on blast that she didn’t go to college. We already knew it with all the references made to her being married very young, but now we are sure about it.

Child, she added an unnecessary number to her list of men she’s slept with. Let me rewind it back a bit.

She meets an ex-football player, Tony Crawford, who she’s a huge fan of in her boutique when he comes in looking for a new suit to meet Michelle Obama in. Of course, he ask her out on a date and she quickly finds out that they share different views on politics and social issues, but she overlooks all this because he gets her panties wet. Although he is fine as hell I wasn’t feeling him.

First red flag- he didn’t vote for Barack Obama.
Second red flag- he doesn’t believe in funding for women sports.
Third red flag- his views on the poor people.

Raquel still kept him around AND had sex with him. He had about six red flags before she finally told him he had to go for his view on gay rights. Damn bitch, you already slept with him and he invited you to go to the White House with him to meet Michelle Obama. You might as well have stuck it out a little longer.


Raquel as usual ran a few interferences for Keisha regarding the situation with Taylor and Malcolm. She called Taylor out about Malcolm still loving Keisha when she mentioned marrying him. Taylor is willing to over look it to be with a wealthy man like Malcolm.


The conversation with Taylor took place at the event Raquel threw at the boutique with the help of April’s event planning and promoting skills. The event was to unveil the new name of the shop, Indulgence. Designer, Anthony L. Williams, known for his being on Project Runway agrees to sell his clothing line exclusively in the boutique shop.

Keisha “Always Lands on Her Feet” Green loses her $150 thousand Aston Martin in a poker game with Luke (played by T.I.).

We find out that Malcolm gave her that car when they began dating. I’m glad to know I wasn’t trippin. Last season I could’ve sworn she was driving a white Jaguar before they got together. I was thrown off when I found out she was now driving an Aston Martin in the beggining of season two. The one thing I did know is that she didn’t buy it.

While Malcolm is at Raquel’s event at the boutique he sees Luke pull up in Keisha’s car.

Shaun also ends up at Raquel’s party with her new man. He tries to get back with Keisha and she uses the opportunity to ask him for the last $20,000 she needs to get her car back. He agrees to loan it to her.

Little does Keisha know that Malcolm has already fixed her problem for her.

Did I mention that she was driving a Toyota Prius during the time her Aston Martin was gone. I also forgot to mention that this bitch still has stacks of money hidden around the apartment still. I love how she didn’t mention any of it when she owed the IRS $200 thousand. Lol this chick pulled a stack from under the couch and kept asking about a Tupperware bowl full of money in the freezer that was missing. Biiiitch!

After playing Luke again and winning she invites him to dinner and to give him a ride home but he declines stating that she’s off the market. Keisha is confused then finds out that he lied about his cards and let her win. We all know Malcolm had everything to do with it.

Let me add that I loved her hair straight in this episode and the yellow skirt she had on with the red blouse. That gold dress was killing the entire game too. #LovedIt

*plays Single Ladies theme song and exits building*

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 4 “Ex-Factor”

What a GREAT Episode!

All loose ends were pretty much tied from the last episode and other previous episodes. We also jump forward two months and Lauren London’s character, Shelly, finally made her way back into the mix since the show’s premiere . Shelly is engaged to James Blackwell (Flex Alexander) that is personified as the “Barack Obama” in the political arena and now she works for her father, Jerry, as a communications director for the Atlanta Dunks. Shelly and April re-connect at the Kappa Boule’ Ball… but I’ll get to that.

This episode starts at a male strip club with all the girls, including Omar. Raquel as usual has to be schooled because this is her first time ever going to a strip club. April as usual is thirsty and picks up one of the strippers- I know he was looking good girl but what would possess you to do that? You go to a strip club to look and leave not look, book, and date but whatever. -__-

Omar looks like he was enjoying himself while advising Raquel on how to make it rain. My girl Keisha was right there pushing oiled up men on Raquel too. She got herself a lap dance and began to hallucinate that the dancer is Malcolm.

Next, we find ourselves in V and finally meet Raquel’s father. He’s the chairman of the board for the Kappa Boule Ball, and extends three tickets for her and the ladies to attend. Once again Omar is left out.

We find out Raquel is going to change the name of V too. They’re wiping all traces of Val away.

April Liar’s Game:

April has no idea what the Kappa Boule’ Ball is. As uptight, educated, and successful as her husband was I just knew he would put her up on game a long time ago. Nonetheless, she’s game for going. Who wouldn’t accept a free $2500 ticket with a promise of high society’s single black men?

Before the ball, she lies about going to the gym and gets caught actually going out with the stripper and then the ladies put her on blast while they walk into the ball since she wants to continue to play dumb. Raquel introduces her to a nice gentleman, Reggie, to get her started for the night because they think the stripper is just for fun. Little do they realize she really likes him.

Throughout the night everyone is pretty much being rude to her. She doesn’t realize but its because they recognize her for being one of Mayor Howard’s mistresses until Reggie’s mom calls her out on it as he’s about to ask her out on a date. A spunky older woman, Josephine (Margaret Avery), shuts Reggie’s momma down and then schools April. I personally feel like April deserved the ridicule because they haven’t brought up the reprecussions of her affair all season. Bitch, it didn’t go away.

Josephine was breaking bread with her like an original OG. April comes to terms with the fact that she’s dating a stripper and the next day introduces him to the girls only to find out they dont care foreal.

Clearly, this relationship is not gonna work but we’ll let her quench her thirst for now.

Raquel The Truth:

We meet all her “friends” including Taylor, a bonafide frienemy aka BITCH!

Raquel’s mother is pushing her to get back with Victor, but she is not going for that. She eludes to the fact that her father cheated and again Raquel is sooo shocked, poor thing is the epitome of sheltered.

She discusses it with her father during a dance and he in his own ways admits that its true and he has also learned his lesson unlike Victor’s ass.

Speaking of Victor, he tries to get back into Raquel’s good graces. She was starting to buy it when some girl walks up to him and calls him baby. She goes off on him like a “Baby Version of Keisha”

Raquel also meets a new man, Charles, but ends up ditching him to dance with her dad. Then when Keisha needs her she leaves without saying goodbye to him or even exchanging contact info. Good thing Atlanta is small they’ll run into each other again.

Keisha To Be Real:

My girl is still trying to hold strong but she’s losing at this point. She’s still in love with Malcolm, and they’re both being stubborn. Keisha finally breaks down in private after finding out that Malcolm has a new girlfriend- that bitch with a trust fund and tacky ass weave, Taylor. Yes, you can see it in Malcolm’s eyes that he loves Keisha still, but how you gonna get a new girlfriend in the meantime in between time. Its one thing to fuck bitches and another to give a new female a title after two months of breaking up with the woman you “love”.

As usual my girl Keisha plays it cool in front of Malcolm, but she did weep on the low and break down at the end of the party. A day or so later Malcolm shows up at her door to apologize about not telling her about Taylor. Just when a reconciliation looks like its possible here comes Sean ass!!! NIGGA! Mind you he was not invited over either.

It looks like Keisha rather entertain Sean than be weak for Malcolm. Her strength in front of Malcolm is a front and its starting to work against her. She’s not ready to fold yet. She rather keep playing the game. That was the perfect opportunity to fold too… until Sean came.

Side Note: Raquel’s mother tries to come at Keisha again during the ball when they see each other. I think she secretly use to be her or wants to be her.

We also find out that Taylor is moving into Malcolm’s house when she stops by the boutique to get the $15,000 Keisha donated at the boule.

I have nothing to say to Keisha at this point. This is about to be a tough few episodes to watch.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo