Let’s Ride Out

*Cue Song* “Its Friday, and I’m ready to swaaang, pick up my girls and hit the party scene, tonight oooh feels so right mmmm….” blasting out the stereo of my brand new, white Volkswagen Beetle as my ace boon coon jumps in the passenger seat. The sun is setting, palm trees blowing while we’re riding down Crenshaw on our way to whereever… the Fox Hills mall perhaps or even the South Bay Galleria.

Yep, that’s the scene I envisioned for my life once I finally got my license… but it never happened. That’s not to say I haven’t had some memorable ‘let’s ride out” moments, I just didn’t have that one.

We’ve all had our “let’s ride out” moments with our good friends (if not best friends).

My original ride out dream never came into fruition seeing as I didn’t get my license until after high school, and my mom had a 1993 Buick station wagon (which I got into a horrible accident in, RIP).

When I got to college riding out took on a whole new meaning. It started Fall 2007 at Howard University in Mystic, Shaquita’s electric blue Chevy Cobalt (base model read: manual locks and windows).  Every weekend we would be bumping the latest Soulja Boy and Gucci songs on the way to the club.  After shutting the club down our vodka filled tummies would go get something greasy to eat before ending our adventure and laugh about the night.

Then I discovered road trips with my roommates on Seventh Street. In our rented, vibrant red 2007 Toyota Camry we filled “Regina” with snacks, fried chicken breast sandwiches, and luggage to celebrate spring break 2009 in Myrtle Beach, SC. This gave “let’s ride out” the ultimate meaning as the five of us dipped out of D.C. at 4 am to The Dream’s latest album at the time,” Love vs. Money.”

Riding out doesn’t always have to mean someone is in your passenger seat, but the experiences you and your car have while driving at any given time. The journeys you take day-to-day whether frustrated in stop and go traffic, driving to your favorite place all the time, or even the baby in the back crying.

Let’s ride out is about life… and your car. So let’s ride out together.


Tell me some of your favorite “let’s ride out” stories in the comments section.

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