I will never forget this one time when I was 18 and on a date, may I add naïve too. We ended up at what has now been dubbed as “the honeycomb hideout” after going to the beach and some other romantic places. I was watching tv and eating Hershey kisses, then the next thing I know I’m wondering how did I get myself in this situation and my phone is buzzing on the night stand. I thought we were just chilling watching movies and talking, but like I said I was naïve at the time. It was all COMPLETELY unexpected for me.

We’ve all had this moment whether it be after a kiss, sex, or anything in between where we had to wonder, how did this happen?!

These moments start off with innocence and no intention of conducting yourself in this way. It’s something normal (usually but not always) like going to the grocery store, watching tv, having a normal conversation, etc… Next thing you know you’re asking yourself, while looking up at the ceiling- butt naked, hair messed up, and slightly tired (or energized because everyone is different)- How My Booty End Up In The Air?

Of course, this is an extreme case. Sometimes you might still be clothed and not necessarily in a bed asking yourself this question. It can be the parking lot, the couch, the club (blame it on the alcohol, huh?), library stacks, and the list goes on will do just fine.

Just think about The Best Man, Nia Long and Taye Diggs’ character were just studying and listening to Stevie Wonder, next thing you know they were kissing and about to get it poppin’. If that cd hadn’t skipped, their booty would’ve been all up in the air… and on the floor.

There’s nothing wrong with getting caught off guard from time to time, but this is also a very important reason you should always carry condoms with you because moments like this produce unwanted babies and get people infected with STDs and HIV.

I know all of this to be true because of my own experiences, but most of all I’ve heard plenty of these stories from people I know.

“Girl, he was just eating the steak I made him… #howmybootyendupintheair? Now I have to walk around with this hat on my head until so and so can do my hair on Tuesday!”  It sounds like she found out that food is not only the way to a man’s heart, but to good sex too.

Until next time, reflect on some moments where you ended up in an unplanned situation. Feel free to share them in the comments too.




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