Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 7 “Eat, Play, Love”

This episode was a turning point just as I expected. It was very refreshing. I needed the romance tonight. This season was missing romance and tonight it gave me life, but by the end of the episode I was let back off my high.

The episode began at Reggie’s new nightclub that April was helping him with and booked Chili for a listening party. Here Reggie is reintroduced as April’s friend instead of her love interest because he lives with his ex-girlfriend still. Charles is reintroduced shortly after as Raquel’s love interest with a napkin that read “I will go out with Raquel before the end of this month” (something to that affect) and that’s where the cute romance begins.

Unfortunately, for myself Malcolm and Sean were not in this episode. Unfortunately and fortunately for Keisha they weren’t and she got harassed in the club by some random rude dude. This led to her British accent general, William, coming to her rescue and showing that chivalry isn’t dead.

For April, this is just the beginning of her troubles when she runs into mayor Howard’s ex-wife at the club. She pressed her, April surrendered only to find out that girl was not really worried about her.

We find out the next day that Omar was supposed to be a bigtime designer of his label MoMo by now when an old classmate spots him in the store while in town for their class reunion.

That same day Raquel meets a man at the auto shop while waiting for her car. He worked there. Instead of asking her out though he just tells her where he’s gonna be later on that night- the club with his friends at 11. Lame!

April “Foolish”

As much as I dislike her I actually felt bad for her this episode because she played herself and got played all at the same time. She put Reggie in the friends zone because he was living with his ex-girlfriend still, which sounds kind of reasonable, but he did just move to Atlanta from North Carolina. Here she is trying to put him in the friend zone when she really wants him and that’s why she gets burnt. She should’ve stood her ground a bit instead of letting the ex low-key make her back off. That’s what Reggie needed and it would’ve given her a chance to really see what the deal was.

Reggie gets approached by another woman while they’re at the gym and that’s when I know she’s feeling him without a doubt. That girl was very bold to even step to him with April right there but in the end she got what she wanted. April got put in the sister zone after her foolish rant about a bunch of nonsense Reggie didn’t care about. Duh! He’s a man.

Then, she runs into Daryl, her ex-husband, only to find out he’s in love with mayor Howard’s ex-wife, Jennifer ( I saw that coming a mile away). She calls Raquel and Keisha but they’re busy with their new men. She’s left to call Reggie and even though he answers the phone it turns out he’s busy with the girl from the gym. Like a good guy friend he still comes to her rescue and talks to her about what happened.

I will admit it is a hard pill to swallow when you realize your ex is on to the next and maybe even happier, not because you want them still, but your just use to being the person they adore. I digress.

After, Reggie comes and gives her a pep talk she finds out that his ex moved out a week ago. Now she feels dumb, as she should, and wants to admit that she wants him as more than a friend to the ladies.

She gets the #girlbye award for the week!

Raquel “Big Pimpin”

Unsurprisingly, Raquel ends up with two men. Charles from the boule (Finally!!!!) and Nate the mechanic.

Both men are charming and romantic in their own way. Nate is just a regular guy though and very rough around the edges. He’s the guy that you wouldn’t mind going out with but he doesn’t have the sense or decency to actually ask you on a date. He says everything but the actual question. Luckily for him Raquel was willing to walk him through the process until he got the hang of it. I wouldn’t have given him the time or day based on that alone, but I digress.

Let me back up though. Just the night before she went on a cute picnic with Charles at night watching the moon and they had a very intellectual conversation. He really listened and invested in getting to know about her. She opened up about wanting to learn the guitar so he taught her just a tad bit on his. He also listened and gave good advice about her issues with her parents. Then they kissed and even I felt the fireworks watching it.

The following night she went out with Nate after he came to the boutique looking for her. He showed a little insecurity as they walked through this very nice and expensive hotel that April liked for its architecture. I enjoyed that she didn’t dumb herself down for him and was also able to make him feel secure in his financial and educational shortcomings. She always adds the class I need to the show.

With that he took her into his world-being a mechanic- which surprisingly she had a little knowledge in too. There was still room for him to teach her something new- how to change a tire. It was very sexy, romantic, and adventurous all at the same damn time. Then they rode off the to get to know each other some more.

In the end of the episode Raquel doesn’t know who she wants to be with. Good thing she has a little time before she chooses. The next episode is probably going to reveal their true flaws and she will probably dump both of them. The way this season has gone I don’t know if any of these women are gonna find love by the finale. I sure hope they do though.

SideNote: Raquel’s black little dress at the end of the episode was very cute. On the other hand her ponytails not so much!

Keisha “Angel in Disguise”

She got played this episode. There’s no way around it, but she was a good sport about it. She also needed it to get her mind off of Malcolm. I’ll admit I was very upset that it had to go down the way it did. Let me explain.

So after saving Keisha from a rude and aggressive man in the club, her English gentleman says he’s in the army and has to leave in a week, but he wants to see all these places in Atlanta before he leaves because it was his first time visiting. Keisha becomes his date and tour guide. They hang out and he puts on this whole act with the accent, says he is going to Iraq the next day and has to leave earlier than planned. The whole nine. She fell for every bit of it too like a fool.

Although, I will admit I found it peculiar that he was a British officer in Atlanta for work. I just never really heard of it, but I let it go for the sake of the story. Plus he was spitting that ying yang all up in Keisha’s ear. I was enjoying the romance of it all for Keisha, after all she deserved it. She quickly got caught up in it too.

Since it was a fling and their last time seeing each other Keisha had sex with him. Right when they’re about to leave one of the maids puts him on blast about who he really is. Turns out that fool works at the damn hotel as a janitor and is from Atlanta. His real name is not William, but LaDamien. Damn homie!!

We also find out he does that all the time to women. It was fun while it lasted I guess. Keisha like the G she is was mad, but took it for what it was and had a good laugh with her girls about it.

Omar “I Found Myself”

Well, in the beginning when old boy put him on blast I was feeling bad for him once again, but this episode was actually a good one for him. We find out that people put pressure on Omar to be a big time designer because he was good at it in school, but he really just wants to do what he is doing- work retail and style people. In other words he’s lazy. We see him maturing a lot this season from a sex-crazed shallow gay guy to a man- a gay man nonetheless.

You can’t be mad at someone being honest with themselves.

#Shoutout to whoever made the decision to Plies “Put It On Ya” I really got hype when it came on. “Ooh Wee!”

Until next week boos and boo-ettes!
-TheJournalist25 xoxo


Single Ladies Season 2 Recap “Dueces”

Last week I didn’t do a recap on the sixth episode of Single Ladies because I felt like it was a turning point in the season. Things are about to change and pick up with this new episode and I just wanted to reflect on the ladies love lives. As we see all of their careers are on point and taken care of for the most part, but their love lives are a mess.

April “You’re Not Bomb”

As we all know by now the season started two weeks after the last season ended and I find it very interesting that someone who is suppose to be going through a divorce and was a part of a huge scandal is just living life single, sexy, and free out in these streets. Women who are going through a divorce don’t typical jump right into dating. Not only that but she hasn’t brought up or mentioned her divorce at all (to my recollection), except when she was cooking that fried bologna for Jack.

From my observation of April so far I have to say she’s selfish. She really doesn’t care about anybody but herself and the outcome. Everything has been about her and her career and what she wants when dating- not that there is something wrong with that, it is what it is. Afterall, she is 25.

I came to this conclusion based on several incidents in the past two seasons so far. Her cheating last season and not wanting to have kids. The fact that she never thought about the consequences of her affair and thought she could work it out with Daryl. SMH In this season she pressed Keisha about hanging out when she was dealing with a break up.

She went from wanting to be a kid in a single girls candy store to actually meeting someone who wanted to be all up in that pussy only to dump him. WTF! Then she couldn’t date to save her life and was being hella thirsty. Not to mention her vibrator went out on her. That’s when she finally met Jack at the strip club and tried to keep him a secret- why are you grown lying to other adults? Girl Byyyyeeee!

She pressed Jack about his lifestyle as a stripper, even though she met him at his job, and wouldn’t have sex with him because of it.

I feel like that’s very hypocritical of her seeing as she’s a female club promoter. We all know it can be a misogynist business and a bit wack if you ask me, especially compared to being A&R for a record company and artist. I may be short sighted but I don’t see the longevity of being a party promoter. Not to mention she has no college degree (just the facts).

Finally, the fact that she never tried to really get to know Bobby Monay. She just wanted him to do the job so she could benefit. She never really tried to connect with him and his personal life or any level other than professional and that’s why he kept playing her ass. Although, she did call his momma, but that was after Keisha put her up on game.

I’m glad that the next episode will bring her past back because it never went away in my head.

Raquel “You’re Not On”

Raquel is beautiful, young, and able to get any man she wants pratically, but the men we have seen her deal with she has not benefitted off of. Not only that but we really don’t know what her dating mission statement is. We know Keisha is just tryna get hers, April wants to date, and Val wanted to meet Mr. Right. Raquel is all over the place the only thing we know is she wants is ‘passion’. Passion is not all that hard to get in the grand scheme of dating. What are you going to do with the passion once you get it?

Victor, cheated on her and I understand why she walked away from it all, but once again if it wasn’t for Keisha she wouldn’t even have the ring to show for it. I’m not advocating being a user, but I am advocating benefitting where you can from a relationship.

She then got with Antonio which we can let slide on that rekindle an old flame and rebellion. He still played her though on that sex addict tip.

I feel like she slept with Tony and then gave up the game at halftime when she was about to be chillin’ in the White House. Girl, get your life. You’ve already slept with him and got invited to meet Michelle Obama, you couldn’t hold on just a little longer to put Michelle up on your boutique so she can go shopping next time she’s in Atlanta. #Imjustsaying

Now, she gets with Scotty which I was glad, but how are you gonna play him when he’s on par with you minus maybe his background. You said you want passion so why are you looking so deeply into things with him. Just let it flow and have fun, girl! Here she goes again unsure, but still sleeps with him. Then Charles, from the boule, appears and you find a scapegoat to dump Scotty. She would’ve stuck by him if she didn’t see Charles right before.

She should’ve had a girls night out and left Scotty at home instead of taking him to the club. Here he gets embarrassed because April doesn’t have as much pull as she thinks and this fool wants to order a beer like he’s of age. When does he turn 21 anyway? Poor Scotty got embarrassed and dumped in the same night. They’re gonna run into each other again afterall they’re neighbors.

It shall be interesting to see how things change for her now that she reconnected with Charles. I predict he might last a couple of episodes, maybe even longer. I can’t wait to see. In the next episode she’s gonna be dating two guys at once. This shall be interesting.

Keisha “You Got Done”

Poor Keisha! The woman with all the tricks, tools, and knowledge. Ms Keisha “Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent” Green finally falls in love with Malcolm only to break up with him after about six months because his ex-wife, Ashley, wouldn’t go away like an EX is suppose to.

I believe that Keisha has made all the right decision when it comes to their relationship, but in this case love just doesn’t conquer all. As we see from Malcolm’s ex-wife and current girlfriend, Taylor, he wants power, wealth, and status more than he wants love. Malcolm’s brother confirmed it too when he and Keisha ran into each other. Now the question is where does she go from here? Fight for Malcolm (which I doubt) or get with Sean (which I also doubt)? You never though with her. She always has tricks up her sleeve.

Its a shame that she kind of shot herself in the foot by tryna press Taylor not realizing how much ammo she actually had. Raquel did kinda gas her head a bit about Malcolm still loving her. Now, Malcolm is cutting off all ties with Keisha which probably has her feeling sick. I know I was sick at the end of the episode. SICK!

I will say in the midst of her losing when it comes to love, she’s winning in general. Sean is there for her in every compacity- financially, emotionally, career, legally- he’s there when she needs him.

She also wins because Malcolm shoved out $200 thousand for her IRS problems and bought her Aston Martin twice. At the end of the day he does love Keisha its just a matter of when will it be enough for him.

Kiesha is never short on men or money although it might seem like it sometimes. If you didn’t notice she skimmed money off the top of that stack that came from under the couch then got the rest of the money from Sean because she wasn’t going to use all her stashes of money at the end of the day.

I’m glad she has a new career now in real estate which is she is doing pretty well in. She handled Val leaving pretty well too.

Sidenote: I’m glad that the show is letting us know that old school southern values are still in place. With the Kappa Boule Ball and the way marraige is discussed among the upper class families. Marraige is more of an arrangement with other rich families than about love (ie Victor and Raquel, Taylor and Malcolm, Shelly and her new man).

Omar “Left Behind”

Out of everyone Omar has had it the worse this season.

He loss Val. He doesn’t get any recognition. He’s never invited to the really nice events, only the club. Got put on blast about wearing fake desinger clothes because he’s broke and Raquel can’t afford to give him a raise. He got engaged only to get dumped. Then his sister, Presley, gets a man and he is disrespected and told to stay out of her and her son’s life by this him.

Where is the love?!

I truly feel bad for him, but he’s handling it like a champ I must admit. I hope he gets some play soon.

Let me know your thoughts on the season so far.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 5 “Fabric of Our Lives”

Okay I have to start with Omar after this episode!

Honey boom boom, I must say I haven’t enjoyed one single outfit he’s worn all season. Anywho, we come to find out he’s helping his sister, Presley (played by Lala Anthony- who can’t act very well), financially take care of her son. I can totally respect that. Even more reason for me to love him.

I completely enjoyed when he stood up to his sister’s new boyfriend, Marcus (played by Omar Gooding). If he had a problem with gay men he shouldn’t have brought his ass over there to meet him. I just couldn’t believe how rude he was being in somebody else’s house. I’m glad Omar quickly checked him.

Now on to April…
Every episode I always have to grit my teeth with her because I really don’t like her. This episode pushed me over the edge. First, it was the peach cobbler and I let her slide, now bologna sandwiches and red kool aid, bitch please!!

Then, she has the audacity to hold back sex from her stripper “boyfriend” Jack because she wasn’t sure about him, but you were the one who approached him at the strip club. She had no right to go all Diary of a Mad (Wanna Be) Black Woman on him. He didn’t give her any reason to believe he would do her wrong. He was just tryna make his money.

She let her own insecurities get in the way of that relationship. She didn’t want anyone to judge her but she was judging herself and Jack. Don’t hate the game, or the playa when you asked to play. #boom

I’m glad they finally put it on blast that she didn’t go to college. We already knew it with all the references made to her being married very young, but now we are sure about it.

Child, she added an unnecessary number to her list of men she’s slept with. Let me rewind it back a bit.

She meets an ex-football player, Tony Crawford, who she’s a huge fan of in her boutique when he comes in looking for a new suit to meet Michelle Obama in. Of course, he ask her out on a date and she quickly finds out that they share different views on politics and social issues, but she overlooks all this because he gets her panties wet. Although he is fine as hell I wasn’t feeling him.

First red flag- he didn’t vote for Barack Obama.
Second red flag- he doesn’t believe in funding for women sports.
Third red flag- his views on the poor people.

Raquel still kept him around AND had sex with him. He had about six red flags before she finally told him he had to go for his view on gay rights. Damn bitch, you already slept with him and he invited you to go to the White House with him to meet Michelle Obama. You might as well have stuck it out a little longer.


Raquel as usual ran a few interferences for Keisha regarding the situation with Taylor and Malcolm. She called Taylor out about Malcolm still loving Keisha when she mentioned marrying him. Taylor is willing to over look it to be with a wealthy man like Malcolm.


The conversation with Taylor took place at the event Raquel threw at the boutique with the help of April’s event planning and promoting skills. The event was to unveil the new name of the shop, Indulgence. Designer, Anthony L. Williams, known for his being on Project Runway agrees to sell his clothing line exclusively in the boutique shop.

Keisha “Always Lands on Her Feet” Green loses her $150 thousand Aston Martin in a poker game with Luke (played by T.I.).

We find out that Malcolm gave her that car when they began dating. I’m glad to know I wasn’t trippin. Last season I could’ve sworn she was driving a white Jaguar before they got together. I was thrown off when I found out she was now driving an Aston Martin in the beggining of season two. The one thing I did know is that she didn’t buy it.

While Malcolm is at Raquel’s event at the boutique he sees Luke pull up in Keisha’s car.

Shaun also ends up at Raquel’s party with her new man. He tries to get back with Keisha and she uses the opportunity to ask him for the last $20,000 she needs to get her car back. He agrees to loan it to her.

Little does Keisha know that Malcolm has already fixed her problem for her.

Did I mention that she was driving a Toyota Prius during the time her Aston Martin was gone. I also forgot to mention that this bitch still has stacks of money hidden around the apartment still. I love how she didn’t mention any of it when she owed the IRS $200 thousand. Lol this chick pulled a stack from under the couch and kept asking about a Tupperware bowl full of money in the freezer that was missing. Biiiitch!

After playing Luke again and winning she invites him to dinner and to give him a ride home but he declines stating that she’s off the market. Keisha is confused then finds out that he lied about his cards and let her win. We all know Malcolm had everything to do with it.

Let me add that I loved her hair straight in this episode and the yellow skirt she had on with the red blouse. That gold dress was killing the entire game too. #LovedIt

*plays Single Ladies theme song and exits building*

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

The Reprise

I know you’re probably wondering where my Single Ladies post is for this week. It’s coming don’t trip!

In The Meantime…
here’s a fictional story about sleeping with an old flame from back in the day. Sometimes there is just that one ex that you try your hardest not to sleep with anymore, but wouldn’t mind another wrestle in the sheets with them. It may happen, it may not, but what if it did?

Prepared for my visitor, I pulled open the door as he walked over the threshold. I quickly slammed it close and we embrace each other. My arms around his neck. His arms around my waist. My head meets his chest and I took in his scent.

No words were exchanged as I lead him through the dark. Its a path he’s familiar with.

I was reluctant to share this moment with him again but my body wouldn’t have it any other way. It had been a while and a few other men between the last time we were intimate.

He presented the opportunity on numerous occasions before with text messages and phone calls- I ignored them so I wouldn’t fall victim to my flesh- but now I was giving in because my body needed only what he could supply. He caught me at a weak moment and now I’m relapsing back into his arms.

As I close the door to my bedroom and turn on my manicured toes to see him sitting on the edge of my bed with a sly smile. He had slithered his way back into my life, even if it was just for the night, and was ready to inject me with his venom.

I crawled into my bed from the other side half naked and sat on top of the comforter Indian style. I looked at him in a coy manner. He slid to me and softly kissed my neck. I instantly became weak. His kisses always had that effect on me. He slipped my tank top off. My body began to evaporate under him as he placed his lips all over my body.

He smiled at me again knowing he had authority over my body. I mustered up the energy to roll on my side. Still familiar with my cat and mouse game he snatched my legs, pulled off my panties, and prepared to break the silence of my voice.

It was dripping and he hadn’t touched it yet. Reacquainted with his old friend he looked at it with endearing eyes and dived right in. Unable to brace myself I let out a heavy sigh.

Before long my whimpers turned to cries. He held my waist tightly as I squirmed. I felt the heat slowly rising up from the pressure he was applying. I gripped the sheets as if it were a life raft. I didn’t want to be saved though. It was too late anyway, I had already sunk into lustful pleasure, and was ready to drown.

Dawn was slowly starting to creep through the night. The birds were beginning to chirp outside my windows as I was moaning. Finally he had pushed me past my limit.

Only he could make me quiver and shake with such ease and tact. Almost as if he created my body himself.

As I caught my breathe he strapped up for the wild ride that was about to begin. He went in my space just like I remembered and our rhythm was synchronized. I pulled him in close to me holding his head with my arms pushing it into my chest.

“Aaah!!” with each stroke. Ecstasy.

I rolled over without separating or losing our pace. I ended up on top grinding, twirling, and bouncing up and down.

We looked at each other intensely. We kissed and allowed our bodies to say everything we knew wasn’t true- I love you. Our lustful needs loved each other still but that was about it.

Our bodies intertwined. We were wrapped in the intensity of the moment as if neither one of us wanted it to end. The pleasure was indescribable and the reality of our body’s lies could no longer be concealed.

As it got brighter outside our bodies reached their peaks and the escapade was over. I was satisfied. He was satisfied. My body was covered by a blanket and lifeless. I managed to get up and go to the bathroom while he got dressed. I had no regrets. I crawled back into the bed. He slapped my ass, caressed my hair, and kissed my cheek as if to say “checkmate.”

I fell asleep after I heard him slam my apartment door close.



“Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 2 “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On”

This episode had a lot going on. Let’s start at the beginning shall we…

The skating rink, Golden Glide in true “ATL” fashion, on oldies night…

April meets a handsome man who can’t skate and apparently forgot he had a cell phone in his pocket when it was time for him to get her number. Thank God Keisha was there to remind him. Keisha finds out at the ATM in the skating rink (was I the only one who found that weird? #shrugs) that the money in her account had been seized and in that realization the ladies rush to the car in hopes her beautiful white Aston Martin hadn’t been seized . It wasn’t and they’re shown driving home screaming like teenage girls having a good time.

Next, they show Keisha sitting on her kitchen counter enjoying some peach cobbler and ice cream. (Where did that peach cobbler come from anyway?) We later find out Keisha is more of a Breakfast cook and hey Raquel didn’t mention anything about making it, nonetheless, Raquel comes out to enjoy some and a serious convo ensues about Malcolm’s whereabouts, the $200 thousand Keisha owes, and Keisha asks Raquel for a favor.

Raquel foolishly assumes that she wants to borrow money, but she just wants her to run the store for a few weeks until her legal woes are over or someone buys it.

I really wanted some of that peach cobbler. Okay, that was my last mention about it, I promise.

Raquel is at V, in the office, when Omar walks in and reads her about getting to run the boutique instead of him, only to be called “a large orange fruit” aka ‘pumpkin.’ Then he tells her that her mother is in the front.

Her mother lets her know that she doesn’t approve of her life basically and that she can’t be settled until she’s married off to a wonderful man with just a few flaws like her ex fiance, Victor. Raquel wasn’t going for it, and then her mother spits out “you would be better to explain if you were in rehab” and in shock Raquel sashays away.

The cute guy, Jason, that April met turns out to be her substitute OBGYN while hers is out and she doesn’t realize it until he’s almost finished with her pelvic exam. He subsequently ends up getting his head squeezed tightly between her thighs. #Awkward

Whew all that happened before the first commercial break, yikes!

April’s cutie/OBGYN, Jason, texts her after the incident and still wants to take her out. While ordering he tells her that her whoo hoo is the most beautiful one he’s ever seen, after all he has seen thousands of vaginas. Then she eats some fruit after his suggestion to make IT taste sweet.

The next date they skip dinner and just go right into the sex. Yesssss! Get it April! He fulfills the prerequisite and all that jazz then asked her to shave it all off down under. April tells the girls it was well worth her time, but feels like he may be obsessed with her whoo hoo the next day. Her thoughts are confirmed when he comes over again and gives her a gift to keep it tight down there. She breaks it off with him.

After, last week’s episode I’m just glad my girl got broken off something proper. Can I get an Aaaaye Men! lol

Raquel is continuing her journey to live for her. She runs into the sexy stable boy Antonio (William Levy) who she shared her virginity with. Antonio is at the stables with the ladies. This is the perfect time for them to rekindle all the passion and lust between them. Too bad they got caught by Raquel’s mother and friends in the stable.

This leads to Raquel giving her mother a piece of her mind and taking control of her life. Antonio and Raquel go back to the stable at a better time to finish what they started. It was a tad bit cheesy for me because in reality it was probably smelling like horses and I dont want to get poked by hay either. I don’t care if a blanket is over it. Seeing as Raquel has been perfect her whole life I can see how this can be adventurous for her. Nothing wrong with going back to your roots I guess.

In the midst of all this, Raquel chooses to buy V from Val. She’s willing to blow her entire savings for it and still needs an investor. Raquel thinks she’s up to the task of being broke and chasing her dreams. Keisha lets her know that struggling is not cute seeing as Raquel has never had to struggle. Keisha gets Eve to invest with Raquel in V, but she thinks its risky and has to be sold on it very hard before agreeing.

“You Might Be Romanticizing Struggle” -Keisha tells naive Raquel

Keisha meets with Sean and finds out she still owes the money even though Malcolm appeared and has to go on a payment plan. Sean is slowly trying to creep his way back into her love life but Keisha is in love and loyal to Malcolm still.

The next day Sean comes to the apartment because Keisha isn’t answering her phone. Turns out she was making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast to deal with her stress. Sean stays for breakfast and tells Keisha how her payment plan is going to be set up for the next five months. Then offers to make a few payments for her because he knows she can’t afford it, but he can. I love how Keisha remained neutral in that moment, she didn’t tell him ‘no’ nor did she get excited. Right when she begins to confide in him about her feelings for Malcolm to take her mind off the money the door bell rings.

Mental Note: Damn, if I’m gonna be a regular thousandnaire chick I know to keep some very wealthy men around me still. Keisha Taught Me!

It’s Malcolm at the door and Keisha is excited to see him. Malcolm, however isn’t happy to see Sean sitting on the balcony eating breakfast. He informs her that everything is finished and mayor Howard was arrested. Keisha informs him that Sean is just her lawyer. Malcolm agrees to pay her $200 thousand in back taxes and fees.

Sean comes to the boutique to inform her Malcolm paid the money and he is no longer her lawyer. He kisses her in an effort to get her back, but she wasn’t having it.

Malcolm messes up later that night when he lets it be known that he still takes care of Ashley financially. He tries to use the money he spent on her debt against her, but Keisha being the woman she is wasn’t having it and showed him to the door.

Why does Malcolm have to be sooo damn niggerish and a bad boy, yet so damn fine?! I may have to switch to Sean’s team because Malcolm is trippin.

Then there’s my boo Omar! I love him. He has a dog that he is obsessed with. Then the dog chews up a $800 pair of shoes when no one is watching it. And he even saw April’s vagina and wasn’t repulsed by it. Eve hits on him too!

“Are you still gay? You’re even cuter now” -Eve

FYI- ladies please stop hitting on gay men on the low, but do make him a good friend!

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

Homecoming Part II

If you missed part one of Homecoming, click here

We were just…

getting to Samson’s car.

“So, where are we going to get something to eat?” I said as we jumped in the car.
“I know you want a Jumbo Slice from Adams Morgan,” he says sarcastically, “too bad they’re closed!”

I blushed and shook my head as he started up the rental car. “You don’t know me!” I retorted, “I actually want some breakfast food. Its six in the morning anyway, duh its closed!”

He gave me the side eye before pulling off the curb. “You know you want one though, don’t front with me shorty.”

“I do… and a ginger ale,” I admitted hating that he knew me so well. I wanted to be mad, but couldn’t help but laugh. “So where are we going? The Diner?” I pestered him.

“We bout to just hit up this McDonalds drive-thru ’cause I never really f’d with The Diner,” he replied.

We reminisce about random things on the way to McDonalds on Georgia Ave across from campus. I lean back in my seat to relax. He slaps my stomach and pokes my side. “Look at you all grown in your freakum dress,” as he laughs hysterically. “Why is that so funny, jerk? You know I look good,” as I roll my eyes. He changes the subject “so you know Reggie got a girl now?!” we both start laughing at the thought of our old friend, Reggie, no longer being a whore.

We order our food and head back Downtown. “Where are we going?” I ask.
“Don’t you want to eat in my hotel room?” he replies.
“Hell No!… I’m just playing. Your room better be clean though. I remember what your room in the Towers use to look like,” I say jokingly.
“Come on now shorty, don’t start talkin out the side of your neck like my room wasn’t straight.”

I just laugh while looking out my window. I’m thinking about how comfy this bed is going to be when I fall asleep. We make it upstairs to his hotel room at the Marriott. He scarfs down his food and strips down to his t-shirt and boxers while I finish eating at the little, wooden, round table by the window.

I’m ready to fall asleep, its 7:38 am, but these block-out curtains make it midnight all over again. I take off my earrings, necklace, and shoes next to the bed. I find a ponytail holder in my purse and pull my hair up into a ponytail in lieu of not having a scarf.

Samson is laying on his back and flipping channels until he finds ESPN on the flatscreen across from him. I crawl next to him in the queen size bed. I feel him looking at me in his peripherals. “Aren’t you going to turn the light off?” he ask.

I stick my tongue out at him and get up like a brat. I go to the bathroom first to wash off the make-up I didn’t sweat off earlier at the club. He yells something but I can’t understand the words over the water running. When I walk back out to put my eyelashes in my purse he repeats himself “you washing that thang for daddy I see?”

I throw a pillow at him, “Shut up, fool. I was washing my face. You get on my nerves,” I say.
“I don’t wanna see no eyelashes or hair tracks in my trash when I wake up later,” he laughs at his own ignorance joke.
“Whatever Samson, I’m going to sleep” as I crawl back into the bed with my dress on to get warm and comfy. As much as he got on my nerves I couldn’t help but imagine him climbing over to my side and kissing me passionately.

He cuts off the television. There’s an awkward silence. Our backs are facing each other.
“Goodnight,” he says.
“Goodnight,” I reply.

With my eyes closed I bend my legs then back kick him in the butt and laugh. “You play too much!” he mutters.
“Goodnight,” I snicker. Now I’m ready to get some rest.

Four hours later I wake up from a good sleep. I get up to check my phone and have two missed calls from some guys I met last night and seven text messages from Ashley, three guys, and three of my other friends. Ashley made it home from the guys hotel last night and was wondering where I was.

“I’m with Samson still. I’ll text you when I’m on my way home,” I text her back.

My battery was almost dead. Good thing Samson and I both had an Iphone. I was able to use his charger. I laid back down while it charged. Samson was still sleep, or so I thought.

“What you doing?” his groggy voice managed to get out while turning over to face me. We chat with each other while laying down. He’s suppose to meet his friends on the yard around two or three later on. I still have to get home to shower and change, but we’re in the moment.

He gets up to use the bathroom. When he comes back he sits on my side of the bed and says “Believe it or not, I’m glad you’re in my bed and not some random chick.” I begin to blush and roll my eyes. “Give me a hug girl. I’m so glad to see you.”

I sit up to hug him. He kisses me on my ear. Then my cheek. Then my nose.

Then my mouth.

I smile in amazement. He kisses me again, passionately. His eyes are closed. He pushes me backward on to the mattress. I relax my muscles and wrap my arms around his neck. Suddenly, we stop.

“Let me get freshened up so I can take you home,” he says.
“Okay,” I reply bewildered by his sudden change of heart.

While he’s in the bathroom I start putting on my jewelry. I’m standing against the wall after putting on my heels right as he walks out the bathroom. He walks over to me while I take my hair down from its ponytail and begins to kiss me. I push him away.

“Look, what’s the deal? I don’t have time to play games with you,” I say.
“I’ve always wanted you since we met, but felt you were too special for me,” he says as I look him dead in the eye. He continues to say ” I never wanted to be the guy that hurt you so I never made a move.”

I felt the sincerity in his words and kiss him. In a moments time he picked me up by my buttocks. My legs wrapped around his waist as we passionately nibbled on each other. I could feel him protruding through his pants with excitement.

He spun us around and threw me onto the bed. I’m pleasantly surprised and let out a giggle as I land.

He takes off his shirt quickly then bends his knees onto the bed. Grabbing my left leg he begins to plant his soup coolers vigorously, as he works his way up. The further up he gets I become weak. He finally reaches up and pulls off my panties. My dress is already around my waist as he kisses around my stomach and rubs his finger along my wetness to tease me.

I pet his head and shoulders from the sensation as he pleases me below. I whimper. His tongue swiftly goes up, down, and around my clit. Ecstasy is rising up in my body as he has his head buried between my thighs. My moan turns into a scream as my body trembles. I had no idea he was this talented.

Samson makes his way up to my face then pulls off my dress, my body is lifeless and completely exposed. We make eye contact revealing our desire for each other. I pull him in for another kiss as he palms my breast. We find comfort in our awkward position.

“Where do we go from here?” he ask after taking notice of my naked body again.
“I don’t know, lets just enjoy this moment,” I reply back. He places a peck on my forehead.

He slaps my a$$ and we laugh continuing our playful moment naked. Rolling in the sheets I realize my heels are still on. As he’s on top of me I try to kick my shoes off, he looks at my feet then back at me and says “naw, I need you to keep those on.” I bite my bottom lip, smile and say “okay daddy.”

He gets up to grab a condom out of his luggage by the window and comes back to me on the bed. In no time he is strapped and ready to go. I let out a heavy breathe due to his girth as he penetrated me.

I was engulfed in the strong yet playful energy and passion in the room. This was more than just a hook-up but us finally acknowledging our feelings for one another. His stroke was undeniably great and we had a nice rhythm as our bodies intertwined back and forth, up and down.

As I look up at the six inch heels on my feet still I couldn’t help but laugh (in my head of course), hands clinching the sheets with my legs bent over my head and moaning “oohs” and “aahs” I don’t have a care in the world.

After, two more rounds, foreplay included, were about to fall asleep. My head on his chest and naked body wrapped up in his arms. I finally kick off my heels under the covers and wrap my left leg around him. I can’t help but wonder…

I was just trying to find a vending machine… #howmybootyendupintheair?

Happy Homecoming!
TheJournalist25 xoxo


It’s that time of year, college students present and past come together for football, parties, and celebration. In my experience at Howard University, it was a time to just go all in on everything. I have such fond memories from Homecoming- that I will not be sharing with you- but in honor of this special time I would like to give you a #howmybootyendupintheair? Homecoming Edition. I hope you all enjoy.

I was just…

On the yard for Yardfest mingling with everyone when I saw a tall, dark, muscular built man with a nice Caesar and no facial hair over by the Fine Arts building clowning with some other guys. It was Samson. I haven’t seen him since I visited New York last summer. He didn’t inform me that he was coming to Homecoming, but I should’ve known.

We met in Intro to Psychology, fall semester, my sophomore year and his senior year. He sat next to me the first day of class in Douglas after walking in late. We locked eyes and said ‘hello’ right in the middle of the teacher going over the syllabus. It was a weird feeling I got, but I liked it.

Later on that day, he found me on Facebook, of course! I was excited, but wanted to keep it cool. I didn’t even tell my friends about Samson. He immediately messaged my inbox asking if I was going to class Thursday. We went back and forth getting to know each other that night over Facebook. He was a senior, from Harlem, New York, first generation Ghanian American, and majored in Finance.

We became very close that semester. We would hang out at each other’s dorm room; he stayed in the West Towers and I stayed in Meridian Hill. I had a fake i.d. so I would eventually start running into him at the clubs around town (i.e. K st, Love, The Park, Ibiza) on the weekends. Our friends even became familiar with one another.

We always just remained friends even though the attraction, flirtation and chemistry was there. Except this one time when we were in his room looking through the yearbook -that came out that day- on his bed. We were close to each other with our thighs touching and the sun was coming through the window. We were looking at the book, then each other. Our faces felt like they were being pushed together by the universe. Inches away from our mouths touching his phone rings and startles us. 

Nothing ever happened again nor did we ever acknowledge that we almost kissed. Our friendship just continued as if nothing happened.

I continued to talk to my friends around me knowing that I would get a chance to talk to him later. While watching Miguel perform “Sure Thing” on the stage in front of Founders Library I felt someone grab me from behind. “Hey, cutie pie,” his deep masculine voice whispered in my ear, (I forgot to mention he’s kind of corny sometimes), and he bent down to kissed the nape of my neck.

I turned around smiling, “Hey!” left my lips and we both began to laugh. I jumped in his arms as he embraced me. We teased each other like brothers and sisters do. Then began to banter about playing phone tag the last six months. We made plans to have brunch Sunday before he left for New York that evening.

A couple hours later, my friend, Ashley, and I left to get ready for the night. We were going to the infamous grown and sexy 21+ party at Love later. A slew of celebs were suppose to be there like Diddy, Wale, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, etc.

I had this short purple dress with the back out damn near to my butt. The front accentuated my breast and had pockets with little pleats across that smoothed out as the material hugged around my thighs just right. My shoes were suede, black, 6′ pumps with ruffles in the back. I was hands down gonna be killin em tonight. Ashley looked gorg too.

We took shots of Patron and drank a bottle of champagne before leaving for the party. We arrived around midnight or so and everyone seemed to be in there, including my ex and Samson, to my surprise. It didn’t matter because I was looking good and ready to party.

I always make my rounds before hitting the dance floor; the restroom, by the bar, then up to the second floor. Before I could get on the dance floor I felt someone grab my hand while the dj was playing Wale’s song featuring Jeremiah and Rick Ross. The gentleman’s smooth voice matched the songs vibe as he said, “you look beautiful, can I buy you a drink?,” I coyly reply “Thank you, yes you can,” then flash him my pearly whites to mesmerize him.

I flirt and lightly twerk on him to the new song coming through the speakers while we wait for our drinks at the bar. Ashley was on the dance floor dancing and mingling with our classmates. I eventually met back up with her after I received my glass of champagne in exchange for my number.

We twerked, flexed, grinded, and two stepped the night away with numerous guys and friends up and down the club, literally. I had a blast seducing men with my dance moves especially with my signature move, the “look back at it.”  It was almost four in the morning, the lights were coming on and it was time to go. My phone already had a couple of text from guys trying to get together afterwards, that was a negative though. I just wanted some ginger ale and food before going to bed.

Ashley hails us a cab and meets these guys in the process. We end up sharing the cab with them. I sat in the front so I could text and Ashley was becoming familiar with one of the guys in the back. After sending a text or two I realize she is back there making out. It is homecoming, what can I say? #shrugs The rest of the ride down Connecticut Ave I converse with the cab driver about random things.

We stop at the Helix hotel first, where the two men are staying, and he convinces Ashley to come upstairs with her. I can see in her eyes that she’s feeling him so I go along with it. The guy Ashley was making out with pays for the taxi as we walk up to the lobby with his friend. Were talking and being friendly because were still kind of drunk from all the drinks men bought us throughout the night.

We make it up to their room and begin to chill. Ashley goes into her guy’s bed area and closes it off with the curtain. I sit on the couch checking my phone and texting back and forth while entertaining the friend. I quickly decide to go get something from the vending machine because I needed a snack or something. That’s if this swanky hotel even had a vending machine, nonetheless, I was going to look for one.

While on the elevator, it stops on the third floor and when the doors open its Samson standing there. What the hell? “Hey! what’s going on?” he yells and grabs me for a hug “you smell so good,” as he sniffs me and tightens his grip around my waist. I’m completely taken off guard “what are you doing here? I thought you were staying at the Marriot dowtown?” I asked.

“Yeah, but my homie, Brian, is staying here. We were all kickin it in his room, but I ducked out early. Where are you coming from?” he asked me implying that I was being fast. I tell him about Ashley being upstairs and how I was looking for a vending machine.

“Oh you hungry? let’s just go get something to eat, I drove over here” he says in a matter of fact tone. I look at him like are you serious? then text Ashley and let her know I’m leaving with Samson, she’ll understand. We begin to walk down the street to where he parked.

To be continued…

-TheJournalist25 xoxo