Is It Ever Too Late? Success Over 35

There use to be a time, not too long ago, when if you were of a certain age you could kiss your dreams goodbye; you were counted out of the game. It would be time to cut your losses and settle for a mediocre life with a steady income, especially if you had a family. #Chalked

With the success of a few people lately I now recognize that those days are gone. This is a good thing for those of us who may be feeling like a raisin in the sun from time to time.

Two individuals who have made their dreams very real at their old(er) age are Nene Leakes and 2 Chainz. I mean who would’ve thought?! A 36-year-old (kinda) new rapper and a 40 something year old starting her acting career.

I commend them for even continuing to pursue their dream after 35 years old and up until this point. I was very happy and proud of Nene when I saw her on the cover of Ebony’s 2012 Power 100 issue. Some people may look down upon it because of who she is on Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) or just her past in general, but she represents something bigger than whatever ignorance people associate with her.

She has busted out of the box people try to put her in and has made her dreams come true (to an extent). Some real actors haven’t even been on network television yet and here she is with roles on Glee and The New Normal on two different networks stations thanks to show creator, Ryan Murphy. Murphy created these roles for her and consults with her about it as we saw on the first episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). #bomb

Lunch with Ryan Murphy

Along with still being on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was on Celebrity Apprentice. People may say what they want, but don’t front like you wouldn’t love to work for or with Donald Trump. Don’t lie to me or yourself. That show did wonders for her career’s next step.

If I see her in a Tyler Perry film or on Oprah’s Next Chapter she will officially be an A-list star. Especially since we just watched her try to call TP on the first episode of RHOA and got super played (kinda). I’m going to be watching out for Miss Nene because she’s gonna be working with TP soon, if not already on the low. Mark my words.

Nonetheless, she went from being a college dropout, stripper, reality tv villain with a bad weave and “I’m rich bitch” to being on television with white people. *Gasp* You can’t tell me Jesus doesn’t save and God ain’t good!

I mean who has heard of an actress starting her career after 40?! That is not normal for our society, especially not an African American woman at that.

Then, theirs Mr. 2 Chains aka Hairweave Killer.

We all counted him out after Duffle Bag Boy fizzled out on the charts and radio especially since Lil Wayne carried the song, but wallah everybody is walking around talkin’ bout “it’s mine I spend it” now. At least they were a couple of months ago.

2 Chainz on MTV How I Made It

He seems to be on everybody’s song or their on his. Everywhere I go it’s some kid or car stereo going “2 Chaaaaiiiinnnnsss!” It’s actually starting to be quite annoying, but I’m not gonna front like I don’t know a song or two. His album Based On A T.R.U. Story debuted at Number 1 on the charts its first week.

He’s everywhere!

Granted they still have a way to go when it comes to overall success, but I just want to acknowledge their perseverance to even get to this point at their age. So many people give up and give in its good to see those who kept pressing toward their goals until they reached it.

Are you surprised at their newfound success at their age? Will you fight for your dreams after 35? Speak on it in the comments.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

One thought on “Is It Ever Too Late? Success Over 35

  1. Quita

    Great article and Im so proud of these highlighted individuals….some will say that Tity Boi aka 2Chainz is more commercial but I still love him. Nene has arrived and dreams do come through. Someone, possible many took the time out and personal mentored her to this new level.

    And yes, I will fight for my dreams until I stop breathing I just will do it with God leading the way.


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