Let’s Ride Out: BMW 328i

I’ve always wondered, “Why do people in luxury cars drive so slow?” I now know why! Who needs to rush when you’re so damn comfortable?

For my birthday this year circumstances caused me to rent a car for the day and it just turned out to be a black on black BMW 328i. What were the odds?! For $20 at that! (I kept it an extra day for an addidtional $9) Happy Birthday to ME, bitches!

I’ve test driven luxury cars before and a couple BMWs, but there is a huge difference between a test drive and actually having the freedom to drive that bad boy.

Initially, driving it up the street was nerve wrecking because the control and handle was so smooth. I wasn’t use to it. I didn’t have to do much adjusting of the seat to reach the pedal or steering wheel, which is a constant struggle in other (less luxurious) cars being that I’m short. I had to allow myself to relax after some time and once I did, baby it was on!

I seriously thought about driving to Las Vegas a couple of times because I was so comfortable and enjoying myself. Vegas might have been out of the question, but Los Angeles was fair game.

First stop was the Landmark Theater on Pico for a movie screening. This movie screening was the reason I got the car in the first place because it was something like a mandatory work event. I took La Brea to Pico then drove all the way down. I’d never been this far down Pico before so it was a pretty cool drive because I love going to new places, but taking Pico all the way down from La Brea made me way too late to see the movie. Not to worry there was an after party to attend up the street at Steingarten LA.

You would think it would be easy to find, but I got lost going in the completely wrong direction. After turning around and around and around we (as in my friend- you didn’t think I was rolling alone the whole time, did ya?) finally found our second destination. I had to parallel park on the street- the struggle to not get too close to the curb ensued. Mission Accomplished!

The next day was my birthday. ‘Let’s Ride Out!’ was in full effect now that work affairs were completed! Rise and shine I was ready for breakfast, pancakes to be specific! We were off to The Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach on South PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). This was a journey, but who cares when you’re driving a BMW? It took about 30 minutes seeing as I had to take Hawthorne Blvd all the way down to PCH and then take that down to damn near the edge of the earth. I absolutely love this place, but don’t get to go often so I was super excited. I usually get the pecan pancakes, but decided to try something new this time. The cinnamon raisin pancakes and bacon didn’t disappoint at all.

Herb Ritts exhibit at The Getty Museum

I had a couple of errands to run here and there, but then I made it my mission to see the Herb Ritts exhibit at the Getty Museum that day. The 405 north all the way there on a solo trip was pretty smooth, but I waited damn near 45 minutes just to park. Its was nothing to a boss comfy on her (rented) throne and a Beyonce mix cd playing. Once I got there the exhibit was everything and more. He was a phenomenal and innovative photographer.

As the day came to an end there was one last place to go in my chariot- dinner. I was off to The Cheesecake Factory in a different part of Redondo Beach with my mother. I totally took a long route there and back home just because I wanted to. I was tired, but I always let sleep take a back seat to adventure. More of the adventure was in my head than anything. I was vibe-ing to Elle Varner and Frank Ocean in the stereo as I got semi-lost (on the road and in my mind) but tried to play it cool in front of my mother.

The last day had finally arrived, but I had one last stop to make before taking it back- church. I was headed to North Hollywood to visit One Church International. I usually attend church right up the street on Crenshaw at West Angeles COGIC, but the opportunity came to hear Devon Franklin, author of Produced By Faith, Megan Good‘s husband, Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures, and devout Seventh Day Adventist, speak and I had to jump on it. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with switching it up from time to time.

Again, I took the streets, or should I say road? The GPS led us up and back down a winding road full of twist and turns on a two lane road. It was pretty exhilarating besides the fact that I had no idea where I was or where I was going. I was also running “late” but ended up getting there right on time. Hallelujah!

The church was packed beyond compacity, but the word was incredible. I’m so glad I went to experience not only Devon Franklin preaching, but the church itself because of its youthful congregation. I also saw a few familiar faces and met a couple of new people as well.

That was the most driving I had done in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The most noticeable difference other than comfort was its meekness. Although it was able to rip pass any number of cars in a matter of seconds it didn’t need to. I was able to gently, but firmly press on the gas to get it to go, but it would take just a bit more pressure to get it to really GO! At any speed whether fast (over 65 mph) or the speed limit (35- 55 mph) the ride was smooth. I always felt in control sitting back with my hands at 10 and 2. I was also able to slow down quickly without jolting the car. This is what driving is all about.

My AHA! moment of how great this car is was when I was stuck on the 405 freeway in traffic after church and hungry. I wasn’t freaking out! This was so abnormal for me. I hate traffic. I love to drive fast even if it means being a tad bit reckless (understatement of the year) and here I was calm as a cucumber. Waiting for cars to pass, not pushing on the gas extra hard every chance I got, and just not feeling a need to rush.

I thought “now that’s growth” afterall it was my birthday I was trying to be introspective, but reality was those leather bucket seats and perfect level of air conditioning had me so relaxed that nothing even mattered. Not even my grumbling stomach. I just sipped my bottled water and chilled.

Can you believe after all that driving, I had only used half a tank of gas?! Talk about good gas mileage. Granted it cost me $50 to fill half of the tank, but it comes with the territory.

That experience has me spoiled because the thought of buying anything less than luxury now just doesn’t feel right in my spirit anymore.

This had to have been the best birthday ever because I did what I wanted to do while keeping it simple and sassy. It was a true refelection of me and the BMW 328i was an added bonus.

Until next time, Let’s Ride Out!

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

p.s. I feel bad right now because I didn’t take any pictures of the car while I had it. I know better for next time.

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