Is Your Life A Tyler Perry Movie?

Is your life a Tyler Perry movie?

I know you’re probably thinking “NO” … or maybe you said “YES”

I get so tired of us (black people) bashing Tyler Perry saying this and that about his movies being coonery and misrepresenting the black community. I’d like to beg to differ.

First of all, movies and television shows are life exaggerated, please understand that people.

Second, as much as you like to think your life isn’t a Tyler Perry movie it is… and there’s nothing wrong with that. The only thing you’re probably missing is a Madea and that my friend is questionable.

If your parents are divorced- your life is a Tyler Perry movie
If anybody in your family has had children out-of-wedlock or is raised by a single parent…
If you made it out the hood and now act like you don’t know you’re family and are too good for them…
If you have a family member on drugs or incarcerated…
If your life is like anything other than The Cosby Show before Denise married Raven Simone’s daddy…. well your life is a Tyler Perry movie

…and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.  Atleast at the end of a Tyler Perry movie there is some form of a happy ending.

We spend so much time bashing the image Tyler Perry presents, but these depictions are true. We need to support him, whether it be by going to see his movies and shows or just not bad mouthing him because guess what?! White people are dysfunctional too and they make movies and shows about it then win prestigious awards for it.

Another issue I have is that we talk all this stuff about Tyler Perry, but when was the last time black people in droves went out to see a Spike Lee film and it became a box office hit in the theaters? There are children who are attending college that never saw School Daze or Mo’ Betta Blues or She’s Gotta Have It, but have seen every Tyler Perry movie.

We need to face reality and understand that his movies represent real life… but exaggerated. If you have a problem with TP’s films then you should have a problem with Jumping the Broom, The Best Man, The Wood, Waiting to Exhale, Nutty Professor… the list can go on and on and on. If this isn’t your life it is someone you know life. Just be real.

Black people have many varying life’s and representations and we can’t shun out the ones we don’t like instead we need to find the beauty in it because this is your life and the first step to changing it is to be real with yourself.

If don’t have anything good to say about TP, then don’t say anything at all because while you’re bashing him he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Speak your peace in the comments sections.

TheJournalist25 xoxo

P.S. Get Yo Mind Right!

3 thoughts on “Is Your Life A Tyler Perry Movie?

  1. Not gonna hate on Tyler Perry making money by showing black life. I think the problem comes with him revealing negative images of black life to white audiences. Everybody is calling for positive black images in the media now. It’s like how you cringe when one of your black friends say the word “nigga” around a white person. By all means, make money, but if you don’t have anyone criticizing you, then you’re probably not doing anything right.

    1. Agreed, Thank You For This thejournalist25 and We Need To Realize Drama Is Drama and Movies are Movies “Fiction”. Let’s Go See a “Positive” Black Movie and There Is Still Going To Be What?!? “Drama” Because Movies are Dramatic.

      I Understand Royce with The “Revealing” of Negative Black Images But The News and Media Does Us Grimey Enough With The Truth, Atleast With Tyler Perry There Is a Positive Outcome.

      We Have a “Black” President But Look How Chris Brown, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Eddie Long, Michael Vick and a Host of Our Former “Black Male” Heroes are Done In Reality.

      Atleast With Tyler Perry Films There Is Some Hero Black Man To Save The Day at The End and Be The Knight In Shining Armor To The Single Black Woman With or Without Kids lol.

  2. Shaquita

    TP (Love this name) and the problem is not the depiction but the one sideness most MEN feel, such as they think that TP only depict negative images of men but I think he is balance and he adds black values and black (all types) images to all his movies and shows.

    Love the article and think for the realness

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