A Love Like This: Teenage Years

Burr... I really really like you in the cold

Oh boy! Has it been cold in Los Angeles lately or what…

This weather has me all bundled up before leaving the house…

One evening, my teenage neighbor was out on his lawn with a girl all cuddled up. At first, I was like ‘hell naw its too cold out here for that’, but I had to refrain from my judgement because I quickly remembered being a teenager sitting outside in the cold (and the dark) without a care in the world but my beau. It brought about nostalgia for me living at home again.

Then I really had a flashback once I got into the car and Dru Hill was on the stereo. For some odd reason… actually because I have an active imagination “These Are The Times” began to play in my head (although that wasn’t the song playing) as I backed out of the driveway. It was like something out of a music video. LOL (I can’t help but to laugh at the images that were in my head).

I had to smile reflecting back to when dating seemed so simple and talking on the phone til the wee hours of the morning wasn’t a problem as long as your mother didn’t wake up. It wasn’t about marriage as much as it was about the moment(s).

Personally, I had some of my most romantic moments in the winter (now that I think about it). As adults, we consider this time of year cuffin’ season and cuddle buddy time, but as a teenager it was just about I like you, you like me, lets talk about God knows what all day. I feel like Dru Hill’s “These Are The Times” captures those moments best with its lyric.

There’s nothing comparable to teenage love and its simplicity. It definitely served as a great precursor to dating as an adult.

Would you agree or disagree? Speak on it!

Season’s Greetings,
TheJournaist25 xoxo

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