Stick, Shift, Clutch

This week I have designated Dream Week, as I will let you in on some of my various dreams, big or small, in hopes to inspire you to continue to dream. I encourage you to discuss your dreams with others and work towards making them reality not just this week, but everyday. Also, lets help one another achieve our dreams too because it can’t be done alone. I’ve being feeling so inspired lately by many memories.

Today’s dream has truly become a connect the dots moment for me, although, the dream hasn’t been achieved yet. I never had an interest in cars growing up until I read this article.

I remember being about 14/15 years old, sitting on the floor in my ‘crazy daisy’ yellow room with my back against the bed doing what I loved… reading magazines. This particular moment I was reading Honey magazine with Gabrielle Union (I believe) on the cover for her lead role in Deliver Us From Eva. Inside was this incredible story by Mitzi Miller about her driving a yellow and black manual Lamborghini for two days. She didn’t know how to drive a stick and she was in New York City. It was awesome!

The entire time I read that one page article I couldn’t help but think 1) I want to learn how to drive a stick-shift when I’m old enough to drive 2) This is what I want to do when I grow up; write about cool stuff like driving a car (mind you I had no interest in writing seriously at this time, it was just something I was good at) 3) This story is so funny.

That one article sparked something in me that I never thought would manifest into what it is today. I grew to love cars after getting my license and want to become an automotive journalist.

I always kept in the back of my mind that I wanted to learn how to drive stick-shift, but that was pretty much it. Once, I learned how to drive (automatic transmission) my love for cars began because I wanted a car and had men around to help me understand them better.  Now, here I am wanting to start an automotive magazine for women.

I can say in the last year I’ve been actively trying to learn how to drive stick shift, but its much harder than it seems, in my world at least. Afterall, it was a task just to learn how to drive an automatic but I digress…

I have been behind the wheel of a stick shift-clutch a couple of times. The first time, my friend and coworker from Chili’s at the time, April, had a Scion XB. She explained to me how the gears worked which was easy for me. Now, when it came time to use the clutch and gas pedals I was completely uncoordinated. It was fun trying to drive around the empty parking lot at midnight unsuccessfully getting it to go very far.

We eventually had to stop because I couldn’t afford to fix her clutch or transmission if I broke it. Did I mention her car was brand new?!

I’ve tried looking on YouTube to learn this coveted skill because you can learn how to do anything on there, except how to be coordinated with your left foot on the clutch and right foot on the gas and brake while driving smh. I tried a few other things but as you probably already realize it all fell through.

My past failures of learning how to drive stick-shift has made me relentless about one day being able to do it. I dream of not only knowing how to drive it but being in Germany driving a Porsche down the road at 125mph, or a Maserati.

Lastly, I got a chance to meet Mitzi Miller in 2007 at the Cover to Cover Annual Magazine Conference held on Howard University’s campus. It was surreal having her sit at my table during lunch and converse with her. I was able to tell her how I still remember that article. I could tell it brought back good memories for her too.

Since then, she has become the editor-in-chief at Jet magazine among many other accomplishments.

Does anyone know where I can learn how to drive a stick-shift in Los Angeles? Have you had a similar experience that you dream about doing or felt inspired to do? Share your dreams.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo


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