More Than…

The Walls I Work In

With all that is going on in the world I truly believe that we live in the best time ever.

The culture has shifted for my generation from doing what is expected (college, “good” job, marriage, and kids) to truly being passionate and happy. Settling for less is no longer an option for those who dare to dream. Living for the sake of living is not cutting it. Our spirits beg and plead for us to do more than the mundane things of the world, and were not putting up much of a fight either. Were going for it.

Yes, there are still a huge amount of people who live day-to-day not necessarily happy. People who try to find joy in material things, greed, their job title do exits, but the numbers seem to be fewer in my world than greater.

Some may argue that I see life this way because of my beliefs and the people I surround myself around… and they are right!

I will never forget my first couple of months at Howard University. Although, it was cold outside, walking around campus the energy there sparked my spirit with more fire. I was finally around people who were not only like-minded, but dreamed bigger than me… and made it happen. Life was no longer about the right and wrong answer (to a certain extent) but about thinking. Imagining a world and creating it.

The greatest thing I could ever learn that semester is that I didn’t have to wait until “I grew up”  to do what I wanted but that the time is now. I was very much inspired although I didn’t act on it at the time.

As I sit in my mother’s house now in the dining room at the evergreen wooden table with matching chairs, while having $2.27 in my bank accounts combined I can honestly say I never felt better. I enjoy what I do. I don’t feel like a slave to the dollar (don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind getting some more money!).

Working all the jobs and internships I’ve had in the past I never felt the way I feel at this table everyday writing; doing what I love. I don’t take this moment for granted at all because I still remember how it felt to get up every morning to do something I wasn’t interested in for a paycheck that still couldn’t pay all my bills and try to smile. My soul felt like it was dying everyday. The walls felt like they were closing in on me in those offices (thank God for windows!). All my energy for doing what I loved was depleted by the end of the day. And the cycle continued week after week.

One thing that remained constant were my dreams. They only got bigger and bigger.

I meet new people constantly who are going after their dreams. Some still have to work the 9-5, and some decided not to. Everyone’s story is seemingly different. All I know for sure is that no matter what anyone says I’m doing what feels right. I hope that you’re doing what feels right for you too.

I feel like our generation is at a point where we don’t want to wait until were 40 years old or older to take risk. We don’t want to wait that long to truly feel happy. We understand that our spiritual well-being is important now, no matter what religion we subscribe to. There is something in the universe greater than us and the shallow things of this world.

Are you doing what you love and are passionate about? What do you dream of doing? What inspires you? Comment!

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

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