It’s that time of year, college students present and past come together for football, parties, and celebration. In my experience at Howard University, it was a time to just go all in on everything. I have such fond memories from Homecoming- that I will not be sharing with you- but in honor of this special time I would like to give you a #howmybootyendupintheair? Homecoming Edition. I hope you all enjoy.

I was just…

On the yard for Yardfest mingling with everyone when I saw a tall, dark, muscular built man with a nice Caesar and no facial hair over by the Fine Arts building clowning with some other guys. It was Samson. I haven’t seen him since I visited New York last summer. He didn’t inform me that he was coming to Homecoming, but I should’ve known.

We met in Intro to Psychology, fall semester, my sophomore year and his senior year. He sat next to me the first day of class in Douglas after walking in late. We locked eyes and said ‘hello’ right in the middle of the teacher going over the syllabus. It was a weird feeling I got, but I liked it.

Later on that day, he found me on Facebook, of course! I was excited, but wanted to keep it cool. I didn’t even tell my friends about Samson. He immediately messaged my inbox asking if I was going to class Thursday. We went back and forth getting to know each other that night over Facebook. He was a senior, from Harlem, New York, first generation Ghanian American, and majored in Finance.

We became very close that semester. We would hang out at each other’s dorm room; he stayed in the West Towers and I stayed in Meridian Hill. I had a fake i.d. so I would eventually start running into him at the clubs around town (i.e. K st, Love, The Park, Ibiza) on the weekends. Our friends even became familiar with one another.

We always just remained friends even though the attraction, flirtation and chemistry was there. Except this one time when we were in his room looking through the yearbook -that came out that day- on his bed. We were close to each other with our thighs touching and the sun was coming through the window. We were looking at the book, then each other. Our faces felt like they were being pushed together by the universe. Inches away from our mouths touching his phone rings and startles us. 

Nothing ever happened again nor did we ever acknowledge that we almost kissed. Our friendship just continued as if nothing happened.

I continued to talk to my friends around me knowing that I would get a chance to talk to him later. While watching Miguel perform “Sure Thing” on the stage in front of Founders Library I felt someone grab me from behind. “Hey, cutie pie,” his deep masculine voice whispered in my ear, (I forgot to mention he’s kind of corny sometimes), and he bent down to kissed the nape of my neck.

I turned around smiling, “Hey!” left my lips and we both began to laugh. I jumped in his arms as he embraced me. We teased each other like brothers and sisters do. Then began to banter about playing phone tag the last six months. We made plans to have brunch Sunday before he left for New York that evening.

A couple hours later, my friend, Ashley, and I left to get ready for the night. We were going to the infamous grown and sexy 21+ party at Love later. A slew of celebs were suppose to be there like Diddy, Wale, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, etc.

I had this short purple dress with the back out damn near to my butt. The front accentuated my breast and had pockets with little pleats across that smoothed out as the material hugged around my thighs just right. My shoes were suede, black, 6′ pumps with ruffles in the back. I was hands down gonna be killin em tonight. Ashley looked gorg too.

We took shots of Patron and drank a bottle of champagne before leaving for the party. We arrived around midnight or so and everyone seemed to be in there, including my ex and Samson, to my surprise. It didn’t matter because I was looking good and ready to party.

I always make my rounds before hitting the dance floor; the restroom, by the bar, then up to the second floor. Before I could get on the dance floor I felt someone grab my hand while the dj was playing Wale’s song featuring Jeremiah and Rick Ross. The gentleman’s smooth voice matched the songs vibe as he said, “you look beautiful, can I buy you a drink?,” I coyly reply “Thank you, yes you can,” then flash him my pearly whites to mesmerize him.

I flirt and lightly twerk on him to the new song coming through the speakers while we wait for our drinks at the bar. Ashley was on the dance floor dancing and mingling with our classmates. I eventually met back up with her after I received my glass of champagne in exchange for my number.

We twerked, flexed, grinded, and two stepped the night away with numerous guys and friends up and down the club, literally. I had a blast seducing men with my dance moves especially with my signature move, the “look back at it.”  It was almost four in the morning, the lights were coming on and it was time to go. My phone already had a couple of text from guys trying to get together afterwards, that was a negative though. I just wanted some ginger ale and food before going to bed.

Ashley hails us a cab and meets these guys in the process. We end up sharing the cab with them. I sat in the front so I could text and Ashley was becoming familiar with one of the guys in the back. After sending a text or two I realize she is back there making out. It is homecoming, what can I say? #shrugs The rest of the ride down Connecticut Ave I converse with the cab driver about random things.

We stop at the Helix hotel first, where the two men are staying, and he convinces Ashley to come upstairs with her. I can see in her eyes that she’s feeling him so I go along with it. The guy Ashley was making out with pays for the taxi as we walk up to the lobby with his friend. Were talking and being friendly because were still kind of drunk from all the drinks men bought us throughout the night.

We make it up to their room and begin to chill. Ashley goes into her guy’s bed area and closes it off with the curtain. I sit on the couch checking my phone and texting back and forth while entertaining the friend. I quickly decide to go get something from the vending machine because I needed a snack or something. That’s if this swanky hotel even had a vending machine, nonetheless, I was going to look for one.

While on the elevator, it stops on the third floor and when the doors open its Samson standing there. What the hell? “Hey! what’s going on?” he yells and grabs me for a hug “you smell so good,” as he sniffs me and tightens his grip around my waist. I’m completely taken off guard “what are you doing here? I thought you were staying at the Marriot dowtown?” I asked.

“Yeah, but my homie, Brian, is staying here. We were all kickin it in his room, but I ducked out early. Where are you coming from?” he asked me implying that I was being fast. I tell him about Ashley being upstairs and how I was looking for a vending machine.

“Oh you hungry? let’s just go get something to eat, I drove over here” he says in a matter of fact tone. I look at him like are you serious? then text Ashley and let her know I’m leaving with Samson, she’ll understand. We begin to walk down the street to where he parked.

To be continued…

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

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