A Love Like This: Four Seasons

I’m a Cali girl at its finest,  and the one thing that I always loved about the west coast was the warm sunny days that never seemed to go away. I hated rainy and gloomy days. At one point I didn’t even own a pair of tennis shoes for when it rained. Despite my love for the warm weather I always felt like I belonged on the east coast. I wasn’t sure how I would like the weather once I actually got there because of my love for the sun, but was willing to see.

I had never experienced the changing of all four seasons until I moved to Washington, DC January 2, 2007, to matriculate at Howard University. I don’t remember it being hard for me to adjust to the weather except trying to walk in the snow without falling and the humongous rain drops when the sky opened up and poured out water and heavy wind.

The biggest adjustment was  seeing the sun shining bright from my window only to be hit my the freezing cold breeze at the foyer of Lucy Diggs Slowe Hall. In LA, if the sun isn’t out then its cold, but this rule didn’t apply in DC.  After, becoming friends with the weather channel I was better prepared for my trips to class and whatnot. It was nothing a pea coat, scarf, and gloves couldn’t fix. After understanding that the sun is out, but the air is cold in January through April I grew to adore cold days.  These days seemed to be radiant and pleasant compared to the summer heat that came along with the sunshine in Cali.

Eventually, I found beauty in each season, even fall and winter, which I previously despised growing up in Los Angeles.

Now that I live in Los Angeles again for the first time since 2007 I cannot stand the heat all the time. The constant season of summer/ spring is boring and no longer feels natural to me. Its October and I’m not experiencing the proper setting for my romanticized thoughts (tagline).

Being back I realized the importance of the seasons changing. The transition from one to the other is absolutely beautiful, not to mention being able to dress differently or mix and match the styles. Your mood even gets a chance to slightly change to match the season. How you experience things in the city can differ from season to season. Walking up and down the same street even feels different with each seasons.

What I’m trying to say is that being able to live in an area where the environment and atmosphere reflects life is amazing and I miss it. Life is about the cycle of different seasons, and fall, winter, spring, and summer are symbolic of that.

The changing of the air, energy, and light every four months just did something to me. It gave me something to look forward to. Being able to accept change allowed me to understand the beauty even more.

Earlier this year I paid close attention to the bulbs popping up on the trees in February while snow was still on the ground. I would closely watch everyday coming to and from my apartment as they slowly began to bloom. That bulb is no different from you and I, each and everyday as we sew into our lives and others eventually we will see the flowers bloom.

I still vividly remember leaves turning brown and withering away only to return in a few months.

Even the difference between a rainy day in the fall and summer have become so symbolic to me. I went from hating the rain to waiting for a rainy day to come.The beauty that can come from pain sometimes is how I look at the rain. With no rain you will never appreciate the sun, and things will not grow. Summer rain is just a reminder that things don’t always go as planned, but to still make the best of it.

After the rain a resurgence of energy is in the air. A new outlook on the day.

I have truly fallen in love with fall, winter, spring, and summer. They all mean something different for me. I miss them and hope to reunited one day to the cycle of seasons. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy right now and that’s fine.

What’s your favorite season?

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

One thought on “A Love Like This: Four Seasons

  1. Shaquita

    Favorite season is definitely SPRING becuase its not too cold and not too hot, its just right. Being a Southern Girl we truly get all 4 seasons and when I moved to DC in August 2005 I experienced my first WINTER (snow and cold-cold)

    Spring is so beautiful, the trees actually change, animals are out and I love it. It means more days out and fashion at its highest

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