A Love Like This: Borders

Earlier this year I made a friend, maybe even a companion of sorts. He lived in between the movies and DSW. I would go visit him almost everyday just to say “hello” and other times to confide in and relax my mind.  Somedays my quick visits turned into hours of intimate moments were I was unable to leave.  He even became an awesome place to escape the rain during summer storms before going home.

I fell in love with him. I would bring my friends to visit with me, but I enjoyed him most when I came alone. My mind expounded while in him and he even revealed some things that I didn’t know about myself. His comfort was indescribable and refreshing at times.

One day the announcement was made that he had cancer and it had already spread through his entire body. I never saw this coming.

Then, not too long after I had to leave for Los Angeles before his expected death. Over a month later, I received an email about his death. I can’t even go back and visit him one day because of it. All I have are the memories and the books I purchased while with him.

I was driving down Sepulveda the other day and saw an empty Borders and was reminded of him and his death. The relationship we built and how he was always there for me.

*I dedicate this post to ALL the bookstores  that have died over the years, and most recently Borders. There’s nothing like sitting in a bookstore for hours at a time rummaging through various books of interest.  A special #shoutout to the Borders on Elsworth and Fenton St in Downtown Silver Spring, Md..


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