Life After 9/11… Happy Birthday!


I know today is 9/11 and everyone wants to reflect on this day 10 years ago, but I’d rather just continue focusing on today.


Yes, I remember that morning getting ready for school (because I grew up on the west coast) watching Good Morning America and seeing the planes fly right into the World Trade Center.

I remember still going to school and living my life without fear because there is one thing to acknowledge and pay condolences to death, but another to let it consume you.  The thing I remember the most was everyone still being in fear and taking on a lot of unnecessary sadness for the week. Even that day was kind of dreary in LA.

Now, don’t let me sound insensitive because it was a horrific event. In my classes we did have many discussions about the day and even had projects to tap into all that happened and what it meant. What I’m trying to say is lets learn from the day and keep it moving. Not only that but let’s celebrate life. Let’s expound on the stories that are out there for us to hear.

… and with that being said I want to talk more about people who are born on September 11.

As a fellow Virgo I feel for them, not to mention a tragedy happened on my birthday too that always seems to overshadow my life and legacy each year (I’m exaggerating just a tad), the R&B singer, Aaliyah’s death. Also, like 9/11 it was the 10 year anniversary of her death this year too. Lastly, I’d like to add that I have a lot of friends and acquaintances born on this day.

So let me use my platform to recognize everyone who was born today.




Live. Laugh. Love

Do you know someone born on September 11? Please share any feelings you have about the day and how it has effected you.

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