Post Grad 15

Is there a such thing as post grad 15?

Here it is the end of summer and I seemed to have gained weight while trying to find a job… a matter of fact let me do some exercising on the Wii fit because I am miserable in my clothes right now.

…. 20 minutes later… I’m back after my workout!

Between my numerous weeks of moving and prior to that traveling, my diet (as in the food I eat, not like an actual diet) has been all wacky. Not to mention my recent move back to Los Angeles has cut a significant amount of exercise I would usually get just walking around and catching the metro in DC.

After reading the first couple of chapters in ‘Women, Food, and God’ by Geneen Roth, earlier this summer I decided to not limit the things I eat, but instead just try to eat more balance. More fruits and vegetables, and less sweets, my ultimate weakness. I like all food groups on the pyramid anyway, some more than others, like less meat and dairy, and more sweets and carbs. lol

Its safe to say the method of not dieting… and limiting my conversation about dieting as much as possible without much success, hasn’t worked. Now, I can’t fit my jeans.

Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn’t give much room to exercise. I mean I could make time to exercise in between applying for jobs and other business that needs to be taken care of via the computer. Being jobless doesn’t give much room to get a gym membership or even a new wardrobe that makes wearing clothes more tolerable. Thank God my mother has a Wii though… and Wii fit. My weight-loss efforts aren’t completely screwed I suppose.

I don’t want to diet anymore. Too bad that’s not realistic… or maybe it is. Dieting is just so stupid and food is so good. Someone please just take me out of my obese misery. lol

Admittedly, I do miss working out and walking every where I go. Time to get back on some type of regimen.

I guess I should keep reading the book too due to my frustration with everything and lack of success with the no dieting rule thus far.

Have you gained weight since graduating from college or this summer in general? What are your thoughts about diet and exercise? Speak on it.


4 thoughts on “Post Grad 15

  1. Royce

    Can definitely relate. I was skinny since elementary school at a whopping 145 soaking wet. Since I left school, I’ve gained more than 20 pounds. Always wanted to gain some weight, but it happened all of a sudden.

  2. J.L

    You have done it yet again. Instantly I could relate to this because the summer has not been kind to my waist line. Idk Wat happen but I knew once I could barely button my favorite jeans something had to change. Post grad 15 is alive and well, but I will defeat it !

  3. Girl YES!!!! I thought it was just me!!! When I graduated, I had 2 jobs, and all I did was work one job and go to the other…and all the while- at work and on my way to the next- I ATE…it was like every time I had a free moment, I would think I needed to eat. Ha ha!!! Now, 25 pounds later, I’m like EEKKK!!! In my case, all work and no play (AKA exercise) equals a BIG GIRL IN THE MAKING. :-/

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