Labor Day

Happy Labor Day?! O_o I don’t think so.

With political figures trying to trick us unemployed people with their bills and other efforts, how are we suppose to feel about not having a job?

How is someone who works everyday, but not necessarily for a paycheck suppose to celebrate the holiday? The grind continues.

What makes me spew out these thoughts is the fact that I’ve been to a few job fairs this year and they all result in “apply online.” They result in companies not even accepting resumes.

Last week, was when I really had to wonder, does anybody really care?

Maxine Waters and some of her colleagues on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), held a “For The People Jobs Initiative” job fair in Los Angeles.

It seemed to be with good intentions, but at the same time it felt like it was just for show. My major concern was once the CBC left how were they planning to monitoring the amount of people who were actually hired because of it. Also, they should want to know how the people felt about the overall experience that day.

I didn’t see or hear about any questionnaires to be completed, as I was apart of the group searching for a job. I would’ve appreciated them wanting that immediate information from me since they “care” so much. The day seemed to be a little daunting for some people out there. Fortunately, they were accepting resumes, but it still was a game of “apply online.”

That has to be the most aggravating thing to hear after getting up and putting on your business clothes, printing out your resume, and driving to a job fair, “Apply Online.” What’s the point of meeting you in person if I’m just going to get lost in the pile of resumes submitted online? Oh yea, so you can help me with the job code! SMH Whose to say all the people who attend have computers or internet to go apply online? Afterall, the job fair was for the least of these.

I’m sure Waters and her people will get information from the 170 employers (including schools) that were there on how many people were hired from that day. That type of system adds to my feelings of it being for show. Why wouldn’t they (including California Representatives Maxine Waters, Laura Richardson and Karen Bass) want their constituents feedback too? There’s always writing a letter to them, right?! #kanyeshrug

Adding insult to injury, people were waiting outside at 6 in the morning for the job fair that started at 9am. The fair was outside in the heat. Yes, they did have water and access to seating inside, but for all the connections that the CBC has, including Jesse Jackson, they couldn’t get free meals for these people who might not even have food at home. All the money that the black community puts into numerous food franchises there is no reason that those looking for jobs, with their children with then, should have to pay for their lunch from a food truck.

Luckily, I have an education and really am not apart of the least of these. I do need a job, but I know there were thousands of people out there who need a job much more than I do. I mean standing in line for three hours just to get in means you are in dire need.

In Atlanta, people were actually were passing out in the heat because they need a job. Waters and her colleagues realized this and that is why they decided to have the job fair in the first place in five major cities.

The night before, the CBC members made it very clear in the townhall meeting with facts, statistics, and percentages being told to the audience, our communities are lacking job opportunities. People are being laid off left and right. It’s all over the news how the month of August had no change in the unemployment rate.

All this talk is good, but at the end of the day where are the jobs? For everybody? Not just for the educated or uneducated. Not just for the workers. Not just for the young or the old. Where are the jobs for everyone?

Speak on it!

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