Let Me Lick Your Tattoo

In this day and age it seems like a rights of passage to go under the needle and have some part of your body adorned with the art of your choice. People love tattoos. You can get just about anything you want just about anywhere you want on your body.

Even I have a badge of honor tattooed on me, but I’ll save that for another post.

When it comes to sexual attraction, tattoos are sexy to many people and on many people. What do you do to someone you’re with that has a tattoo? Especially if it’s sexy…

“Let me lick your tattoo, daddy.”

Plain. And Simple.

How can you resist the sensuality that can be added in the heat of a little foreplay? I mean caressing a tattoo just isn’t gonna do. I’m pretty sure when they got their tattoo they also considered the sexy factor of it. The sexual aspect probably helped with their choice of where to place it on their body. #Imjustsaying

There is something so sensual and relaxing, yet stimulating about your partner taking their tongue so smoothly and tracing your body art with it. It can definitely be added to the sweetest things you’ve ever know. It adds more intimacy to the moment, especially depending on wear the tattoo is.

I will admit, I prefer bare skin- no tattoos, but there’s more to a man than his tattoo(s) as far as dating is concerned. Sometimes it does add that extra sex appeal when it comes to getting hot and heavy.

The sexiest tattoos are on professional men, honestly. You have no idea the guy you’ve been eying in the office has that tattoo on his chest or upper arm. His entire chest might look like Rick Ross’ and you had absolutely no idea. Talk about a beautiful surprise when you see him at the office beach party with a wife beater on.*fans self at the thought*

Let me make something very clear. Tattoos on a man with nice muscles and a sexy body is like icing on the cake, but let me also make it clear… men with just average bodies or less than are susceptible to a different reaction. *Results may vary.

Professional men are cool and good for a dating scenario, but a sexy THUG with tattoos, OMG, now that is pure eye candy. A woman like me doesn’t want to be with a thug, but can certainly appreciate them and their tattoos. They always show them off too (when they’re not wearing a white tee). Once again #Imjustsaying

The cherry on top is a lil sweat, glisten, or fresh out the shower/pool on a nice tattoo sitting on top of some nice muscles and #bow! I’ll leave the rest to your own imagination. #letmelickyourtattoodaddy

Whether the tattoo is raised off the skin, flat like a birthmark, dark, colorful, etc… it definitely can add to the overall sexual experience between you and that person.

Sometimes its even good, when on the upper body, to use as a focal point. I’ve read plenty of times in Cosmo that as a woman sometimes to reach your climax its good to focus on something on the wall or ceiling. No need for that when you have a nice tattoo to look at. While trying to focus or zone out just stare at the tattoo during those intense moments.

This is in no reason for you to just go out and get a tattoo, but if you already have one or really do want one here is a way to put it to good use.

What are your thoughts and opinions on tattoos? Have you ever had your tattoo licked? Speak on it all in the comments

Until next time, let me lick your tattoo.

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