Fulfilling The Prerequisite

It’s Story Time! I love stories, that’s why I’m a journalist.This is my first attempt at writing fiction, so I hope you enjoy it.

Keeping with the theme of The Prerequisite, which I hope you read already.
Here is a story about… well just read it.

I was just…

about to go to sleep when I heard my phone ring. It was a text message from Tony. Tony was this guy I met a few weeks ago while grocery shopping. I was in the frozen food aisle and accidentally hit him with the door while trying to grab something I had no business buying. He used his “hurt” arm as a good excuse to ask for my number. He was charming and cute, and seeing his muscles in the t-shirt and basketball shorts he was wearing didn’t hurt either.

Since, we’ve been on a few dates, everything has gone at a nice pace for me. Tony is funny and a gentleman, but not in a simp kind of way. I love the way he pulls me back for another hug when were about to leave from each others presence. His charm and intelligent conversation make my panties damp by the end of the night. Our flirting has left my imagination running with thoughts of how passionate our sexual encounter will be one day. So far, we’ve managed to keep our cool.

I look over at my phone and it said “what are you doing?” Before I could reply my phone began to ring.
“Hello,” I answered.
“Hey, what’s up beautiful? I’m not too far from you can I come say ‘hi’?” He replied.

I hesitated, but figured the visit would be harmless (or at least hoped) and said ‘yes’. I quickly unwrapped my hair and made sure I was dressed appropriately before he got there. I figured he wouldn’t stay long because we both had work in the morning, so I neglected to put panties on under my pajama bottoms. A few minutes later we were sitting on opposite ends of the couch just laughing at the Monique show; you know that laugh that brings you closer to each other. His hand touched my thigh and I began looking at him seductively .

Next thing I know were in my bed kissing and undressing each other. I’m thinking in my head “what the hell?!” but can’t find it in me to stop. This is the excitement I’ve been waiting for, but I know I’m not ready to have sex with him yet. I need to figure out a way to postpone it. This is just all bad, but it feels so good. Exhilarating.

His manly hands caress my body so smoothly. How does he know to kiss me right there?! My thoughts are drifting in and out as his hands move… ooh yes right there…

He finds the tattoo on my rib usually hidden by my clothes. He outlines it over and over with his tongue so sensual, making my body his tongue’s playground.

While trying not to fall victim to the pleasure and desires of my flesh I remember, he hasn’t fulfilled his prerequisite. How could I forget that? I certainly could use some too. Before I could get the words out he asked me if he could “kiss it” and I quickly moaned ‘yeeess” so glad I shaved this morning.

Suddenly, he flips me over and slide under me. I’m already pleasantly surprised by his technique. I began to get weaker and weaker from the sensations going through my body. As I lower my pelvis on his face he clenches my hips and slowly rocks them up and down.

We roll over. In no time my legs are in the air being held together, then a part by his long, strong arms. His face is below; tongue still stiff and just as strong as his arms. I’m looking up at the ceiling panting, unable to moan. He grabs my hips again as I squirm away.

“Aaaaah!” I finally scream from the pressure as my climax begins to rise. I blacked out from the sensation and disbelief until I released my climax. My body is lifeless. Tony cuddles up next to me.

I wake up the next morning naked wondering… I was just going to bed #howmybootyendupintheair?


5 thoughts on “Fulfilling The Prerequisite

  1. Quita

    Smiling ear to ear!!! Great article and I’m always wondering #howmybootyendupintheair especially when you’re literally in bed and just waiting for that good night text or call. Glad the prereq was pleasing… Now we need an article on 1st & 2nd innings. Tony slick pimping reminds me of Mr.BigFoot (nickname,LOL)

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