I’ve Arrived


The car of your dreams is nothing to take lightly. I surely don’t take the moment when the dealer hands me the keys to my baby lightly, its actually one of my driving forces, among other things.

I remember when I first came in contact with the Land Rover brand. I was in high school and my beautician told my mother that he would bring me home once my hair was finished. At this time I didn’t know much about cars, nor cared, but this one ride home changed my life. It was an older model (not sure what year), but it was still luxurious. What I loved the most about it was the way it sat up high. The overall feel while riding down Manchester was something I had never experienced before.

There was just something about it that was different from riding in a Mercedes-Benz; my dad’s girlfriend owned one and a Corvette. *Note: To my knowledge, that was the only other luxury vehicle that I had been in until that point in my life.

I went home and told a friend of mine about this Land Rover that I thought was so bomb. He quickly burst my bubble and told me about the Range Rover which was a million times better. I must admit when I saw it, it was much more aesthetically pleasing. The fact that is was more expensive made it better too (I was in high school and in Los Angeles so of course I was superficial).

Then I found out Toni Childs, my absolute favorite character on the sitcom ‘Girlfriends,” had a Range Rover. Boy, let me tell you it was a wrap! I was on it! I had to have this truck when I grew up; all white with navy blue interior and wood grain. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

Every time I saw a Range Rover I would get that tingly feeling inside and blurt out “ooh there’s my car.” Even to this day (obviously) I can’t help but stare as a clean one drives past me on the street. This is the truck that will signify my financial arrival, so don’t be surprised in a few years when your see me driving one.

The icing on the cake is that one day just for fun my friend and I went to the Land Rover dealership and test drove a Range Rover. Let me just say it was awesome!

I hope this made you think about your dream car. Share in the comments what car or truck will signify your arrival in life.

Until next time, let’s ride out!

One thought on “I’ve Arrived

  1. Shaquita

    Range Rover… YES!!! My dream car and will definitely signify I have arrived. I have had the honor of driving several Ranges, a maserati, a BENZ, land rover, BMW, and my other fave an Audi. Ever since I could remember I’ve equated owning a Range Rover as the traditional American Rich vehicle (sad to say). Personally, I do not know anyone that wons one, except for a few board members. I may add that the Porshe Cayenne is another beauty. But an ALL Silver Range Rover with an interior silvery blue with seat warmers GO anyday.

    Soon I will be riding down Peachtree St (Atlanta, GA) meeting my friends for Lunch in the Range.

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