The Prerequisit

It can be difficult sometimes, when you’re dating someone new, to not end up with your booty in the air. Things are still fun and exciting and the attraction seems so strong when you’re around each other. Not to mention the excessive flirting doesn’t help either.

I will admit it has become extremely easier for me personally as I’ve gotten older, but before my maturity developed in this area I devised my own little trick to say ‘no’ to sexual advances, but it also allowed me to give in too. I named it “The Prerequisite” because it’s the introductory course that has to be taken to get to the actual course; sorta like Pre-Algebra before taking Algebra.

Getting cunnilingus (aka head) from a man is like the best of both worlds for women because we’re able to reach an orgasm and still keep our sexual intercourse numbers low. It may sound trifling, but there is no point in adding an unnecessary number to the list if you don’t have to. The prerequisite is a good way to see how attentive he really is; can he listen and follow directions? Does he move around too much or too fast? Overall, does he know what the hell he’s doing! His entire approach to the situation says a lot about him, and even the lack thereof. It’s a learning experience for both of you.

He can learn what you like and how you need it. Finding out the little details help for the future; details that you need to plan ahead for- like all the noise you’re going to possibly make or if you make a big mess on his bed.

See, the prerequisite is a tutorial and preview of his skill set. This also helps you not to get sexually attached; I do believe in soul ties through sexual intercourse.

Lastly, I must address those who don’t like to fulfill their prerequisite. In a recent episode of Single Ladies, Stacy Dash’s character was dating a man only to find out that he didn’t give oral sex. These are the kind of things you need to know upfront and requiring the prerequisite is the perfect way to do so. I didn’t even know men like that existed! Apparently, they do and it would be a major disappointment to find out after the fact that you have one of the few out there.

You can’t go wrong with applying ‘the prerequisite’ to your love life. Even if you decide to give in to sex right after it, it’s your decision, but let’s be smart ladies!

How do you feel about the prerequisite? Is it a must for you or not necessary? Let me know in the comments.


7 thoughts on “The Prerequisit

  1. Quita

    The Prerequisite is a must…like Stacey Dash I didn’t know men like that existed. Discussing with my girls, we have stated that if a man cannot eat the BOX then he’s not for us. THE BOX needs to be wined and dined. Thanks for the article; I love the part about women keeping their numbers low, never thought about it like that. Prereqs is what I need and now have LOL

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